How Important is a Tag?

When we say tag, we do not mean a price tag of a product. It is crazier than that and we don’t even see it because it’s embedded into a website, (EX: HTML). You can essentially tag anything you want on your website to get the results you want to improve based on the users […]

The Benefits of Tag Managers

What is a Tag Manager? Tag managers allow for specific tags to collect website data. Specific tags are when someone reads a page of a website from top to bottom. Tags can also be created when specific data is viewed in Google Analytics. The tag management system allows measurement codes and related code fragments can […]

Value of Site Tagging

What are Tags? Google tag manager is a tool that allows you to place “tags” on your website. A Tag is a way to code your website so you can monitor what users are doing on your website. You are able to track these things by establishing an “event” such as scrolling a certain amount, […]

Capturing Variables with Tags

When running a website, it is important to track data throughout each interaction that takes place. There are many ways in order to track data, yet an effective and easy way is through placing tags on your site. This tracks user activity and will give an easy understanding of what works vs what does not. […]

The Importance of Tagging

What is Google Tag Manager?  Google Tag manager is a way to track events that users do on your website. Tags are measurement codes and related code fragments that are specific to your website. Marketers can use google Tag Manager to improve their website by creating tags when a user clicks on a certain button, […]

The Importance of Tag Manager

Why bother with tags? Knowing what is happening on your website is very important. Without the knowledge on how people interact with your content it will be difficult to make decisions. Tags give you the chance to track certain events happening on the site. These tags could include scrolling, clicking, or watching a video. Expending […]