Applying STP to Email Campaigns

What is STP? As marketing teams, it is essential to know that what you are trying to sell is not for everyone and shouldn’t be sold as such. It is important to understand your ideal audience and market to that. In order to do so you must use techniques called segmentation, targeting, and positioning. These […]

Why is Tag Manager such an important tool?

What is Tag Manager? Google provides countless tools to help companies and websites gain data that allows them to know more about their progress in creating the best constructed website possible. One of the tools Google provides for free is a program called tag manager. This program allows the user to create certain tags that […]

Current Reports vs. Legacy Reports

Why are they important Current report tools and legacy report tools are super important tools to utilize from Google to help better understand and make changes to your online presence. They are both important as they can be utilized together in order to get the most in depth analysis. Legacy reports, while not seeming to be […]

Custom Campaigns Using Channels

Using analytics in Campaigns Ad Campaigns can be so effective in not only getting new users but also retrieving data to help understand who you should be reaching out to and how. However, you can’t simply rely on one outlet to get the most out of your campaign. There are many channels to run a […]

The Power of Creativity in Data Studio

What is Data Studio? Google’s Data Studio is such a nice and easy service the helps puts data into a more more visual appealing format. Not only does it put all the data into one spot but it can truly bring the data to life and make it easier to understand using graphs and charts. […]

Creating a Hypothesis for A/B Testing

What is A/B Testing? An A/B test is an optimization tool that allows marketing teams to understand what elements of a website work best. They do so by creating two variants, variant A which is the original website outline, and variant B, which is a very similar adaptation off the same website but with small […]

How to Gain Authority with the Help from Behavior Reports

About the article I read the article “How to Build Brand Authority with Content Marketing”. The author looked into the importance of the content a company focuses on and how one can use this content to gain authority. Authority is something every company should be striving for when it comes to their site and content. […]


Cost Per Click vs Organic In the world of marketing, Cost per click advertising and organic search advertising are extremely important in gaining awareness and revenue for your company. Which one is better at the job? It really depends on the company, their goals, and their budget to tell which is more efficient. In reality, […]

Targeting Your Audience

What is an Affinity Audience? Custom Affinity Audiences are super important in the world of advertising and targeting one’s audience. It allows the marketing team to learn a lot about their audience and who they should be trying to market to. Thanks to help from cookies and other data collection that Google makes easy to […]

Are Cookies on Websites Unethical?

The use of cookies on websites is an alarming thing to learn about. Without knowing the behind the scenes of marketing, I believed this collection of information was not right and honestly scary. But is this practice of collecting user data as unethical as it looks?  My first thought like many was that it has […]

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