Current Reports vs. Legacy Reports

Why are they important Current report tools and legacy report tools are super important tools to utilize from Google to help better understand and make changes to your online presence. They are both important as they can be utilized together in order to get the most in depth analysis. Legacy reports, while not seeming to be […]


Cost Per Click vs Organic In the world of marketing, Cost per click advertising and organic search advertising are extremely important in gaining awareness and revenue for your company. Which one is better at the job? It really depends on the company, their goals, and their budget to tell which is more efficient. In reality, […]

Targeting Your Audience

What is an Affinity Audience? Custom Affinity Audiences are super important in the world of advertising and targeting one’s audience. It allows the marketing team to learn a lot about their audience and who they should be trying to market to. Thanks to help from cookies and other data collection that Google makes easy to […]