Defensive or Proactive Responses

As much as companies try to be loved by all, it is only natural that they receive negative comments. What’s important is how they deal with them. There are two types of responses, proactive or defensive. The difference between Proactive and Defensive  When companies are defensive, they are trying to diminish a customer’s comment or […]

Is Email Marketing Dead?

Email Marketing has been a staple in digital marketing for many years as it is able to reach many customers with a click of a button. However, many consumers do not read these emails from companies, unsubscribe immediately, or give fake email addresses. Many emails also just end up in spam folders never to be […]

Is ad spending important?

Search engine optimization can be hard to navigate, especially when dealing with the added pressures of paying for ads. The success of search ads really depends on the situation. There are many factors to take into consideration before spending all your money on being the first ad. It is not an exact science and many […]

Top Result

Being one of the top results on Google’s search engine is extremely important to businesses and their conversion rates. Without a top spot it is unlikely that consumers will find your page unless they are directly looking for it. It is a good thing therefore that, while not easy, it is possible for your website […]

Form vs. Function

When creating a website or a landing page there is a lot to consider such as the information you need to provide or the visuals. These visuals and layout of the website would be the form. The function would be how well the website works. Both form and function are necessary for successful websites and […]