The Basics of Segmentation

Segmenting your Audience… When segmenting your audience it is important to note where they happen to fit in relation to the customer’s needs and also the customer’s persona. Let’s take for instance Panera Bread: it is part of the ‘fast-casual’ dining craze, yet it doesn’t really appear as ‘fast-food’ due to the healthy options they […]

The Benefits of Using Google Tag Manager

Site Tagging and Behavior Tracking When I first learned of the amazing tool that is the Google Tag Manager, it immediately sparked my interest. Simply due to the insights and value that it can provide to analysts and a company’s marketing department as a whole. For it allows you to track and ‘tag’ specific and […]

Understanding the Google Search Console (GSC)

SEO is Crucial for Success… SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is an essential and crucial element when it comes to providing your website or piece of content with organic traffic; be that through specific keywords that users and consumers use when searching for information via a search engine (such as Google). Tools like […]

Creating a Multi-channel Campaign

Channel Hierarchy… Setting up a multi-channel campaign can seem like a somewhat daunting task; but luckily with the help of Google Analytics – the stressful becomes exciting. Google even allows for you to break up your approach in different categories and sections, with the hierarchy as follows: channels, sources, and mediums. This helps especially when […]

The ‘Creative’ Analyst

Anyone can be creative… I’m sure we’ve all heard it before, anyone can be creative. This much is true, but someone who is truly creative can and will deliver content, or in this case analytic reports, that are sure to turn heads in the boardroom. Luckily, for those who are less in tune with their […]

Google Optimize and A/B Testing

Creating our Hypothesis… One of the best things about Google Optimize and its many tools is the functionality testing that allows marketers to experiment and hypothesize different ways to tweak their websites in order get the best performance from content, drive engagement, or simply to test visual layouts of their site. Here’s my hypothesis: “Enlargement […]

Why Behavior Reporting is Essential in Content Marketing

What is Behavior Reporting? New to using analytics in your career and life? Me too! Let’s figure this one out together. According to Western Washington University, “Behavior reports focus on how your visitors use and navigate your website. The primary metrics include pageviews, exit and bounce rates” (WWU, 2015). So, pretty self explanatory; behavior reports […]

Which is better: Organic or Paid Search?

SEO vs. PPC… When creating a marketing campaign often times you have to decide if you are going to go the organic route (SEO) or have paid advertisements (PPC). Now, ‘which is better’ is actually highly subjective; as with most things when it comes to the field of marketing – we always have to be […]

Curating the Proper Audience

Selecting Custom Customers… Personally, I am blown away by how much help Google Analytics can provide to you right out of the box – and one of these fantastic features is custom affinity audiences. An affinity audience is essentially a group of people that share similar passions, lifestyles, habits, or behaviors; and these are often […]