Is it Ethical to track your consumer?

Company websites track user’s behavior for important information like page views, time on site and bounce rates to help their business. But they also collect our cookie data that can give them a little more personal information that follows you from the different websites you visit. Is it ethical for companies to be able to […]

Are Self-Promote Brands on Social Media good?

Why they should Self-Promote Consumers follow brands that they personally like and want to stay up to date with. If a brand stopped promoting itself on social media, the consumers won’t want to continue to follow their account. Then there really isn’t a point in having a social media account for your brand. Brands with […]

Is Email Marketing Dead in Today’s Society?

We all know what it’s like to open our email and see thousands of ads waiting for us to open them. Do you actually read any of them? Probably not, you just mark them as read and look for your important ones. How SEO, PPC, and Display Ads are keeping Email alive. But after reading […]

Do you need to be a Big Spender on ads?

When doing a google search, we usually don’t get any organic results until halfway through the page. So all the results we see above the fold are ads of a big spender. But does spending a lot of money on ads beat the competition? Not always, smaller businesses don’t have the same budget as bigger […]


The possibility of being the number 1 on google is so small BUT it can be done if a business is willing to put the time and effort into it. In order to get to the number one spot, a site must be changing and growing constantly to keep up against its competitors. Getting to […]

Companies: Defensive vs. Proactive

Companies have to deal with a lot of social media posts about them. Usually complaining about something the consumer experienced. Companies have two options they can either respond to it or ignore it, but respond should they try to defend their company or let the customer be right? Defensive When a company responds defensively it […]

#DeliveryDigiorno is a Game Changer

I’m a Pizza Lover I am one of those people who love to eat pizza. I could eat it every day if I let myself. I spent most of this pandemic trying out new pizza place, trying different bake it yourself brands, and even bought myself a pizza oven to learn how to make my […]

Why I Bought a Groovebook

Washing Your Hands To Stop the Spread of COVID-19

There are multiple ways we can take care of ourselves and others during the COVID-19 pandemic. Wearing masks in public and practicing social distancing can help prevent the spread of the virus but what is most important is washing your hands as often as possible. Having clean hands at all times can help stop the […]

Form Over Function?

Now with everything going on in the world, online shopping has become even more popular than it already was. It’s all because of the form and the function of the website that attracts its customers. The homepage needs to grasp the attention of the user and the website needs to be easy to navigate to […]

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