Applying STP to Email Campaigns

Allbirds Segmentation: Segmentation is the process of breaking up your audience in to smaller, similar groups. The purpose of this is to be able to then tweak your marketing for each group to help cover more ground. Instead of marketing to just one “target,” you are adjusting to show how your product can help satisfy […]

A/B Testing Hypothesis

What is A/B Testing? An A/B test is an experiment where you test one or more variant changes on a website. Variant A is the original and variant B is the modified version. Once you establish what you want to change, then you create a hypothesis of what you predict will happen when you make […]

Value of Site Tagging

What are Tags? Google tag manager is a tool that allows you to place “tags” on your website. A Tag is a way to code your website so you can monitor what users are doing on your website. You are able to track these things by establishing an “event” such as scrolling a certain amount, […]

Content Performance

Behavior Reports: Behavior reports created by Google Analytics are extremely important for digital marketers. These reports make it easy to see how users move through your website and interact with your content. For example, you are able to see which content drives the most revenue, clicks, and average time on page. These are a few […]

Current vs Legacy Reports

Importance: Google’s search counsel is a free service offered by google that helps you monitor where your website falls in google search results. This is an extremely useful tool for marketers to see where they are at and what they need to work on to get their name out there. Both current and legacy reports […]

Free and Paid Media Tracking

Background: Marketing is a key way to grow a business and create a solid brand. In the digital world, there are two major ways to advertise your brand, SEO and PPC. They are both important and both can provide success in growing your brand. They are both similar in the fact that they increase views […]

Campaign Parameters

Collecting Data Advertising campaigns are a very effective way to spread the word about a product or service. However, there is a right way and a wrong way for this to be done. When creating an ad campaign it’s important to really know what you’re selling and who you are selling to. Knowing the demographics […]

Targeting Your Audience

Finding your Audience The rapid increase in digital marketing makes for extremely competitive markets. One way to get ahead of your competitors, and be efficient with your work, is to focus on specific target audiences. You need to take the time to dial in and ensure you’re marketing the right group of people. You want […]

Creativity in Data Studio

Do you need to be creative to use Data Studio? After reading about and experiencing with Data Studio, I believe creativity is beneficial however not an essential trait for being successful. At first glance it’s a very overwhelming platform, but once you start to understand how to navigate around it starts to become straight forward. […]