The Most Valuable Way to Generate Business

What is Lead Scoring?

Lead scoring is a point system each business earns from your business that shows your companies value. This helps ad companies prioritize business based on points when creating an ad and where to place it. This is how companies determine their leads and pick the best fit for their ads. There are six different scoring systems that companies might use. 1. Demographic Information 2. Company Information 3. Online Behavior 4. Email Engagement 5. Social Engagement 6. Spam Detection. These help the company determine which is the best fit for most possible success depending on what they are looking for. for more information on lead scoring take a look at the link below.


Creating Goals

About Goals

Goals can be set through google analytics to create objectives one wants to focus on. their are many goals one can set through google analytics. These goals are set to help your website reach the amount of views, time duration, etc. to achieve these goals through analytics. According to Neil Patel their are four main goals to focus on. URL destination goals, visit duration goals, page/visit goals and event goals. For more information on what goals are and how they help click the link below.

Page/Visit Goals

This goal tracks how many people visit your page and the pages they used to get to your site. This goal helps you figure out which people were on certain sites before reaching yours. This feature allows you to target the incoming sites to increase your ads on certain sites to allow maximum amount of tracking to lead to your site. You can establish a certain amount of sites for your goals and contribute by adding greater than, equal to or less than. For information on the other three goals check out the link below.


Integrating SEO and PPC Data

What is SEO and PPC?

A SEO is an organic search where you can track certain aspects of what people are viewing on your website. these are done through Google Analytics, Google ads and Search Console. All are helpful when diagnosing what your costumer is interested in. PPC is where you can find more information about your costumers or website visitors because you pay for the search. this allows you to have more options on how to target your viewers. If you use a PPC your ad will be more likely seen other than a SEO (organic search) because PPC is cost per click. these are used on sites that are more popular so your ad will be seen more.

How to integrate SEO and PPC can be used

We can set up key words in our SEO approach to see the most popular viewed items based on the most used searches throughout the site. This will help your company see which items are being demanded without costing you to pay for an ad. If you were to use a PPC ad you will get more information on the visitors. For example, with PPC you will be able to see the exact time people are viewing your website or ad. Features like this will allow you to strategically place ads on certain sites at certain times to ensure you are getting max potential of views on each ad.

For additional information on the differences of SEO and PPC check out this helpful site!


A/B Testing and Creating Hypothesis

Creating an Hypothesis

A hypothesis is a theory on how to correct or improve something on your website in order to create more focus on the important information. The data you have in Google analytics will help you create a hypothesis on what to fix in your site. For example, say you have important information at the bottom of your screen and you notice through analytics that most viewers are only scrolling 33% to 66% of the website, therefore missing the important information at the bottom of the screen. to fix this problem we will need to add a hypothesis to create viewers to scroll 100%. We can do this by creating an A/B test to see what helps viewers see the information on the bottom of the screen. One could be placing the information at the top of the screen and the other test could be a button that says “read more” or “click for more information”. and then see which has greater views by duration or page scrolling.

What is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is used to see which format or model woks better for your website. You can set up these tests so a certain percentage of your audience sees one format and another percentage sees the other. during these tests you will test variant A (original) versus variant B (new) and compare them. to do this you must pick an action you would like to test. Like page scrolling, impressions, video plays, duration and other viewer behaviors.

According to the optimize resource hub, the steps to creating an A/B Test are

  1. Go to your Optimize Account (Main menu > Accounts).
  2. Click on your Container name to get to the Experiments page.
  4. Enter an Experiment name (up to 255 characters).
  5. Enter an Editor page URL (the web page you’d like to test).
  6. Click A/B test.
  7. Click CREATE.


How Behavior Reports Will Help You With Content Strategies

Behavior Reports

Behavior Reports are functions within Google Analytics that help your website track users activities on your site. Four behavior reports that are worth taking a look at to follow user behaviors are Site Search, Event Tracking, Content Grouping and Experiments. Site Searching allows you to see what your users used during their time on your website which is useful to know because you can see what key words they used and how effective they were on your website. Event tracking is following certain events and the activity is caused throughout your site. Some events worth tracking are downloads, clicks and video plays. Content Grouping is partnering contents together by categories that help you track content for particular groups. For example, with Content Grouping you can categorize groups such as age, gender and location. More groups can be created those are just examples. Lastly, Experiments allow you to run tests on certain Analytic’s functions to see if they are useful to your website. According to the website below Experiments have been discontinued in Google Analytics as of August, 2019. For further information on what Behavior Reports are and how to use them check out the link below.

Understanding Content Marketing

According to chapter one of the article listed below this paragraph, “content is king”. Content marketing is collecting the data of site users activity and advertise products of the same content to those users. They also allow you to see what source they used to get to your website. Some benefits of using content marketing are indirect costumer conversation, brand recognition and respect within the industry. The tools discussed in the paragraph above describe what website owners use and how they use them to improve content marketing. Below is a link to an article about the benefits of content marketing through


Geico’s Ad Campaign

15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance

Geico is one of the nations leaders in car insurance, competing with other popular companies such as All State and State Farm. Geico has many different mascots to represent the company in their ads such as the caveman, Pinocchio, woodchucks and more, but none as popular as their poster-child the Geico gecko; a small green gecko that is in most of their commercials. Geico uses humor and simplicity in their ads to attract their costumers in their ad campaign. At the end of every Ad, it ends by saying their famous slogan “with Geico 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. This Ad campaign has been successful for many years as it has been running commercials since I can remember and most people will be able to tell you Geicos slogan.

How to collect this campaign data

Geico can collect campaign data in many different ways. With the help of Google analytics, they can track their ads by how many people type in their URL, click on their site through google and how many people click on their ad through a link and where that link was. This helps the ad trackers get an idea of what ads are successful and on what engine it is working. For example, say Geico realizes their goofy ads are not gaining attention on Facebook due to an older audience they may realize the younger generations are using twitter and may implement their ads on that site instead based on the information gained from google analytics on their ad campaigns. These ad campaigns automatically track your key words as well once set up. some key words that would be useful for Geico to track would be Geico, Gecko, savings, 15% or more and any other words you would affiliate with Geico.


How Custom Affinity Audiences Reports Will Help Your Website

What are Custom Affinity Audience Reports

These are cookies that track user behavior which allow the website owner to view what certain people view on their site. This is beneficial to the website owner because they can send personalized advertisements based on people website interactions.

Demographics, Interests and Geography

Audience Reports are a way to keep track of your users traits and behaviors while visiting your website. The Reports keep track of cookies of users like what sites they visit, where they do online shopping, how long they are on that site and more. The demographics are the characteristics of the user such as age, gender and language which help you give targeted advertisements based on the users characteristics. The audience reports help retain what the users interests are based on recent purchases, website views and and where they shop. This helps the the company send personalized ads for products that that person might be interested in purchasing based on past website interactions. Lastly, the geography will let you personalize the ads based on what language people speak. The audience reports will show you where people are from that are viewing your website which gives you an opportunity to make new ads in those languages.

Below is a link that goes into more details about costume affinity audience reports and how to use them.


How Site Tagging will Improve your Website

Tag Manager Overview

A Tag Manager is a tool used to quickly and easily update “measurement codes and related code fragments” which are also called “tags”. Once you apply tag manager to your website, it makes it so your tags have certain triggers that go off while your keywords are searched. With tag manager set up you will now how the information on who and how many people are clicking through your website. This data will help give you the data to improve and gain further knowledge of your website. You may consider using Tags to gain further knowledge on your website or mobile app to see all the peoples activity on your website.

What Site Tagging can do for your Business

If your business is doing well or not through its online website, Tag Managers will show you the evidence of what is being searched, clicked on, scrolled through, ect. A successful company will gather the information from these tags to see what products are working through the website. With the knowledge of knowing what is working will help the company pursue more towards the trending items and focus more on them. Other way around the Tag Managers will allow you to see products or keywords that are not working as well as others. If you are concerned about your websites performance Tag Managers give you the data that will allow you to focus on gaining more attention on those subjects. Tag Manager can also be proof of how your companies doing if you were to report the data to a boss. this eliminates any guessing on what to fix on your website as it shows you what is working and what is not working.

How to Set Up Tag Managers

This Video gives a basic overview of how to set up Tag Managers, what they can do and how to use them.


The Benefits of Old and New Search Console

The Benefits of “Report or Tools” and “Legacy” Tools

First off, the Report or tools are considered the old search consoles and the legacy tools would be considered the new search consoles. Both search consoles are beneficial for websites to keep track of how their website is operating. Both are very useful to see how successful the website is running. An old tool that is used to keep track of this is called Performance Reports, which tracks the amount of people see your website and also how many people click on your website after viewing it. a helpful new tool or “Legacy” tool is called the Crawl Stats, which basically showing how often your site shows up in google and how many requests it is making.

How Search Console can Benefit your site

With the popularity and importance of company websites it is crucial that SEO’s can manage and operate a website and have the technology to see what is wrong with the site and how to improve. Google search is a helpful and reliable site to track your websites performance once up and running. This article I found explains the process of setting up your search account and how to use each tool step by step. this article also goes through the benefits of using search.


Importance of Digital Analytics

Digital analytics are important for companies so they can visually see how well an advertisement or post reacts with the audience. Digital analytics show how many views and interactions the ads give to show what ads are working and which ads need improvement. This helps the company discover what works and what does not work in society.

This article posted by KDR helps support the importance of digital analytics within a business. This explains how to relate to your costumers, improvement from the analytics and lastly it closes with how you can predict the interaction in the future with the analytics.