E-Commerce Tracking and Why it’s Beneficial

What are E-Commerce Reports? E-Commerce Reports can be very beneficial when looking to improve your business. They allow you to to track and analyze the purchase activity on your site or app. They offer many benefits including transaction information, average order value, eCommerce conversion rate, time to purchase and more. With these reports you are […]

How to Determine the Best Attribution Model

What is an Attribution Model? CLICK ME!!!While using Google Analytics you are offered many different models and reports that you can use to track the actions of your consumers. The Attribution Model is the set of rules that controls how a companies sales and conversions happen in their specific conversion paths. Google gives you the […]

How Can Audience Reports Help Your Business Grow?

Should I use Google Analytics? In today’s ever changing digital world, everything is moving at a faster pace and it is becoming more and more difficult to track data and see where your company stands. Google Analytics is the solution to this growing problem by offering the user Audience Reports. These reports are able to […]