Capturing Custom Campaign Parameters

When setting up a campaign ad across multiple channels I would make sure that I would follow two of the specific practices that were successful for Google which were too tag what you need and only use the campaign variables you need. When processing and evaluating what would make things helpful and successful for a […]

Targeting Your Audience

What is an Affinity Audience? Custom Affinity Audiences are super important in the world of advertising and targeting one’s audience. It allows the marketing team to learn a lot about their audience and who they should be trying to market to. Thanks to help from cookies and other data collection that Google makes easy to […]

Target Audiences By Understanding Them

I’m a soccer player. When I go on Dick’s, I’m not looking for a new hockey stick! It’s important to target your potential audience’s affinity because that is what is going to entice them. Sometimes you attract users that don’t even know what they are looking for, they just were brought to your website one […]

Targeting Your Audience

Who is your Audience? You can’t reach an audience without first knowing who that audience is. In today’s age that has become easier with all our technology such as cookies and exact matching. You can have an idea of who you want to reach and who you want to see your product but you need […]

Targeting Your Audience

Finding your Audience The rapid increase in digital marketing makes for extremely competitive markets. One way to get ahead of your competitors, and be efficient with your work, is to focus on specific target audiences. You need to take the time to dial in and ensure you’re marketing the right group of people. You want […]

Who’s Your Audience?

When targeting a specific audience there needs to be some sort of realization and connection that should be made towards the potential users. If you’re trying to expand your product or business, attracting the affinity audiences can be what finds you a more interested audience. The affinity search method can be a very effective way […]

Targeting with Audience Information

This is very relevant because this happens to everyone including myself. This is derived from the patterns that the consumer has a habit of doing. Using myself as an example, since I am a big fan of buying/selling cards on TCGplayer, their are many ads that I receive from this website and because I am […]

Creating Custom Audiences

Finding Your Audience The most important step regarding digital marketing is reaching your target audience. To figure out who this group is we have to look at peoples’ interests along with their past search history. Creating a custom audience is extremely necessary. Target audiences are created by looking that the age, demographic, gender, location, etc. […]

Targeting Using Audience Information

Selecting Custom Audiences It was surprising to learn that Google Analytics has the features to generate reports based on the audiences of different products. Google groups people of the same interests and habits, which is an affinity audience. These audiences can be used to determine certain goods and services that is drawing in the most […]

What is the Best Way to Connect to Your Audience?

When should you use custom audiences? Have you ever searched for something using a “keyword”? When you did that, you were likely provided a long list of searches that involve that keyword in one way or another. This is one way that advertisers create custom audiences that include other users with similar interests as you. […]

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