Reflections on Last Semester

I really enjoyed taking Digital Marketing last semester! I felt like it was the first ‘hands on’ experience I had at Nazareth with tools that I will actually use in my career. It got me to think more about the possibility of working in the digital marketing analytics field.

Goals for This Semester

This semester I am hoping to learn more about tracking and analyzing user behavior. I have always been interested in learning about the process behind why people purchase certain items and learning to create content relative to these users based on their preferences. I am also looking forward to diving into the E-Commerce side of things because I could potentially use this information to help my Dad develop his online presence for his business even further!

Big Expectations

Just last semester I took Digital Marketing and I was able get a good grasp on digital analytics. I learned a lot of things that I will be able to put to use in a future job. I also feel that Digital Marketing analytics will give me 100% more information to take in and learn about.

Digital Marketing (The Old)

Last semester in Digital Marketing I feel that we were able to just touch the surface of analytics and all it has to offer. Whether it was SEO Strategy, SEM or Paid Search, it was all very interesting to learn about. It was very enjoyable to test the waters on an actual business, but the results were definitely not what any of the class had hoped for. I feel that I was able to learn a lot from those failures though. It was then clear what works and what doesn’t.

Digital Marketing Analytics (The New)

It’s my absolute last semester of my college career and I am looking forward to taking Digital Marketing Analytics. I have some very big expectations for this course, as Digital marketing was a great course. I expect to gain even more knowledge about analytics that I can put to great use in a future job as it is coming at a very quick pace. I am expecting to do a lot of hands on work too. I feel that I obtain a lot more information through being able to do it myself. This will also give myself and the class a chance to bounce ideas off one another. I believe that this class will be very open to each others ideas and we will be very open with each other as well. Lastly, I expect to be very successful in this class (hopefully).