User Data: Who Owns It?

Facebook knows more about you than your own mother. Seriously. As a matter of fact, even before the age of user data, catalogs from department stores were accurately predicting which consumers were pregnant before they could even report this sensitive information to their families. By law, users don’t have possession of their own data, and […]

All About Your HelloFresh Meal-Match!

Thank You For Signing Up For HelloFresh’s Meal-Match Plan! This page is your one-stop-shop for understanding your Meal-Match’s features, contributors, and what you can look forward to while helping people stay fed during the COVID-19 Pandemic. LOCAL VENDORS HelloFresh is proud to partner with food banks and distributors near you to make the Meal-Match possible! […]

Web Design: Form Or Function?

It’s an understandable question to those across the design world. Even more particularly to those in the web design and marketing spheres. The truth of the matter is, BOTH are essential. I would say that Form and Function aren’t just on equal footing, but they DEPEND on one another for the ultimate purpose of any […]

Can You Be #1 On Google?

Based on George Do’s SEO walkthrough I’d say hitting a number one spot for a Google search definitely is possible if your product or service is niche enough. In the video, he shows an example of a smaller trekking pole retailer appearing above REI (a much, much larger retailer) in a search. So simply speaking, […]