The Value in Digital Ads

Digital Ads are extremely valuable to a company, especially when they are directly shown to a consumer who will take interest in the product. I follow many art accounts, and one of them happened to post an advertisement for a very trendy and artistic clothing company. I followed the link and then saw that the […]

Nature Backs

Instagram is notorious for placing digital advertisements every 6 posts on their page. Due to whatever tracking algorithms Instagram uses, the advertisements they began showing me were spot on with the posts I interacted with and followed. My Instagram feed is very nature photography based. It is filled with landscapes, camera equipment, profiles, you name […]

Click Bait

Paying a ton of money to have an ad posted somewhere multiple times or even just once on a popular website, allows for more “clicks” for that certain company. This gets me every time. I am constantly looking things up on google or bing but since my computer knows that I LOVE to shop, shopping […]

Instagram Ads

Why did I click on it? Why did I buy it? I am always shopping online for better deals on clothes and shoes. I noticed a pair of earrings that I really wanted but were to expensive at the time. As I was scrolling through instagram and I seen that same pair of earrings but […]