Creating Goals

About Goals Goals can be set through google analytics to create objectives one wants to focus on. their are many goals one can set through google analytics. These goals are set to help your website reach the amount of views, time duration, etc. to achieve these goals through analytics. According to Neil Patel their are […]

Get a Leg Up With Lead Scoring

According to HubSpot, “Lead scoring is the process of assigning values, often in the form of numerical “points,” to each lead you generate for the business…” Essentially, this process is conducive for companies to efficiently use their time and resources in order to monitor and prioritize ‘leads’. Allowing companies to respond to them appropriately. Which, […]


Why Are Google Event Goals Important? Versatility is the cause for Google analytics to use event goals for recording information that is not just page views. These are very important small details that every website owner should be aware of. Events happen sometimes several times per user session and goals will be only hit one […]