Changes in Google Search Console: Old vs. New

Many significant changes have occurred to Google Search Console. These changes can affect the way the digital media community views Google. These changes include the following: Removal of anonymized, low-volume, long-train searches in filtered views Simplified site declaration process Real-time (live) URL inspection tool A newly designed Manual Actions report New reports: Index Coverage, Performance, […]

Out With The Old and In With The New.

Google continuously is changing and innovating everything that they have to offer us. One of these things is their search console reports for companies websites. Google updates and makes changes to the search console often in hopes it make it more helpful and better for their users. The Old Search Console vs The New Search […]

New and Improving Search Console

What’s New? The new search console is a cleaned up version of the old search console. Although it provides more information then the old console it is easier to navigate and allows users to find the most important information they need. According to “New Google Search Console design and user interface: here’s what changed and […]