The Search Console Differences

As people continue to enter and grow their business they will have to find new and better ways to get more customers. In order to be able to get more customers they must have good data on their potential customers. Google allows you to build a website so that you can sell your products online. With this website, google allows you to track the data on the website. For example, if someone purchases an item google will track their process all the way to their purchase. That’s what is called the old search console.

As google got more advance they came out with a New Search Console. This console is clearly more sophisticated than the Old Search Counsel. One big difference is that there is a more reports for the New Search Console than the Old Search Console. One report that the Old Search Console does not have is the sitemap report. This is very useful when you are trying to give information about important things on your site. This is kind of your highlight to you site. Google helps you with providing information on things that you mark as important.

Another difference between the two is that the new search console has ownership verification. This allows you to protect your site better. Also you can have ultimate control, so if multiple people have access to you site to help you build it, you can still only allow them access to specific parts of the site. If they want more control you will have to approve it for them after you verify that you are the owner of that account.


Changes To The Search Console

Past Console

Google search console tool has always been critical tool for all website owners. Allowing them to work on SEO at a free cost. It only gets better from the new changes added to the search console. The old console didn’t allow users to hold data for no more than 4 months. The Index Status and Blocked Resources have been combined together to create a new feature to users called Index Coverage. Now lets go more in-depth and continue to learn more about the new features Google has to over in the search console.

New Console

Few of the new features consist of previous features, but offer simpler and convenient options. The four new features are search performance, Index coverage, AMP status, and job postings. Search performance offers 16 months of data rather than the previous feature that only allowed 90 days. Also, Index coverage allows users to now know what pages have been indexed by Google. Even better, shows the user how to solve a problem with pages that weren’t capable to being indexed. Lastly, the new Console will allow you to monitor your AMP perforence and how your pages are being displayed. Also, showing users errors that they may not be aware of.


Changes in Google Search Console: Old vs. New

Many significant changes have occurred to Google Search Console. These changes can affect the way the digital media community views Google. These changes include the following:

  • Removal of anonymized, low-volume, long-train searches in filtered views
  • Simplified site declaration process
  • Real-time (live) URL inspection tool
  • A newly designed Manual Actions report
  • New reports: Index Coverage, Performance, Links
  • More data: 16 months of data instead of just 90 days
  • Changes in user management and permissions

The Benefits

There are many benefits to the changes that have occured in Google Search Console. With the new google search console, there is now sixteen months of data available to track performance over time. This is a benefit because terms can now view significant changes with a newly extended amount of time. Another benefit of the new google search console is the information on backlinks. For those that prefer to tack this type of information, this is a huge benefit, as backlinks can help improve strategy and traffic on web pages.

There are also several benefits to the older version of google search console. One of the benefits of the older version of google search console is notifications are sent to individuals when there is malware or crawl errors on the web page/site. This benefit provides security and prevention of lost files on your webpage. Another benefit is you can utilize search statistics, which can create insights on traffic and other data to your webpage.


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Out With The Old and In With The New.

Google continuously is changing and innovating everything that they have to offer us. One of these things is their search console reports for companies websites. Google updates and makes changes to the search console often in hopes it make it more helpful and better for their users.

The Old Search Console vs The New Search Console

With the most current google search console a lot of changes have been made to it. For example, the names for the reports have changed from the older console. The next being that you can go back sixteen months to see search traffic data instead of just 3 months, which is what the old console offered. The newer console also gives detailed information about a specific page, including index coverage, canonical URL, mobile usability, and more. It offers tracking flows for specific pages to help you monitor, fix, and request a recrawl of pages affected by crawling issues. The issue report security has also been updated, which will show you a history of other issues that your site has had in the past. No site-wide view of blocked resources is available, but you can see a list of blocked resources for individual URLs using the URL Inspection tool. This may be seen as a negative though. Google is still continuously making changes to the search console reports and it’s very important to stay up to date with that.

So Which Search Console Report Is Better?

According to the google site, they “strongly recommend using the newer version of each report, as it becomes available”. Yet I see positives and negatives with both of these reports. Since there are so many changes and updates with the new console, it may be frustrating to people who are used to using the older console. After looking at the article, “The Differences And The Pro’s And Con’s Of The New Google Search Console” from Acutate Media made some good points on this topic. To sum it up, the new reports seem to have really stepped up their game making it better than the old reports. For example, you can see back 16 months of data, which is extremely beneficial. They also state that “you now have the ability to get a much bigger range of data than you used to.” Acutate does touch on how their mobile experience is a little iffy and could use some fixing. Yet, that comes with any new thing, you have to be able to test it out. Overall the old search console did have some good things working, but google updated and changed it for a reason and it’s obvious that some great things came from it. We will just have to wait and see what google brings to our search console reports next!


New and Improving Search Console

What’s New?

The new search console is a cleaned up version of the old search console. Although it provides more information then the old console it is easier to navigate and allows users to find the most important information they need. According to “New Google Search Console design and user interface: here’s what changed and which reports are most useful” Alex Veda says, “more insights into how you can improve your website (both in Google’s eyes and for your human visitors).” This gives them the benefit of being indexed high for google along with having a well put together sight. Being able to efficiently work toward this will only benefit your site in the long wrong.
One of the most insightful choices they made was to allow performance data for 16 months prior which is important and makes it easier for users to see any patterns that may occur throughout certain times of the year. And allows you to see improvements on a bigger level. Another change is that you can track and monitor re crawls on pages that you have fixed issues on. This is important for users of the console to be more productive and be able to track the issues on their site and make sure they are continually performing how they want.

What is missing?

One of the few things that that the new console doesn’t support is that you can only test a sitemap when it is submitted, unlike in the old sitemaps you could test without submitting it.


How The Search Console Changed

The Old Console

While the old console did not provide as many months of data as the new console, there are some great features that were included. One example is the HTML status report that showed what needed to be fixed in order for Google bots to “crawl” the site more effectively. This allowed for Google to suggest improvements and help fix mistakes made by the user. Additionally, the old console had a feature called the data highlighter tool which allowed users to copy data from similarly coded pages so the user did not have to recode every new page. A third important feature from the old console is the security issues report, this showed how any issues on your site can affect your site showing up in Google Search results.

The New Console

One of the main new features that Google has rolled out in the new console is the search performance report which allows users to see how many clicks, impressions, average ranking, etc. their site has. Also, there is another new feature called index coverage which alerts users when there is an indexing error on their site. In the article, “What The New Google Search Console Means For Search Marketers” by Jayson DeMers, he describes how this feature can help you find the problem faster and fix it immediately. The author also mentions that google gives you diagnostic tools that help you understand why the issue occurred and how to prevent it in the future. Another notable difference in the new search console is the accelerated mobile page status (AMP). With the majority of the world using mobile devices the AMP status gives developers an insight look on how their site is showing up on these devices and what needs to be fixed.


How I Expect This Class to Increase My Brain Power

What I am expecting gain from this class is a better understanding of how google analytics work. I want to be able to be have enough knowledge about google analytics that I can successfully use it for future business. I know that marketing is huge and is growing and has always been a huge part in running a business. As the internet continues to grow e-commerce is becoming the king of marketing. thats why I want to get better with analytics.

I also am expecting to be able to create and get better at blogging. Blogging is another efficient way to market a product. People read blogs on just about anything. Anytime they need help with a problem they are having or they are looking for something they want or need. So by having a efficient blog you can get whoever is reading to buy into what you are saying.


The Next Step Of Stairs

MKT 369 sparked my interest when reading the coarse description. Was somewhat never when beginning the class, but by the end was very confident because I learned a lot of information that can be used in a variety of career paths. Figuring out keywords that will spark interest/draw in future or potential consumers was very neat. As well with cpc (Cost Per Click) my team and I were able to figure out location, age, gender, targeting.


Carrying over this information and knowledge I have gained, going deeper into content and information to understand why, what, and how our class can gather information to help ourselves and others. Every excited to see the processes our class makes!


Expectations and Goals

Last Semester….

Last semester, I took digital marketing and learned new skills to allow myself to prosper in my career. As a marketing major, it is important to keep up with the digital age and learn to use various media platforms. Throughout the course, I learned to utilize Google Analytics and Adwords, as well as become certified on these platforms. Throughout the course, we worked with teams to learn these skills, in order to ultimately create a digital marketing campaign.

This semester….

This semester, I’m enrolled in the second part of digital marketing, MKT. 370 (digital analytics). I expect this course to challenge me as a future marketer and gain more knowledge in digital analytics. My goals include to further my knowledge in the usage of Google Analytics and to become better at using Google Data Studio.


Some Big Shoes to Fill

Throughout the journey of MKT 370 my hopes and expectations are high. I hope that my skills in GA will be sharpened and that I can efficiently create clear analysis of data. I hope to learn to develop dashboards that will help pull data tell the stories of what audiences are doing on sites, what their journeys are and how to target new and returning audiences.

Learning testing

One of the more interesting topics I hope to dive deeper into is the different tests that can be put into place. I have experienced testing and seen results in a large business setting but didn’t experience the implementation. I am interested as to how they are actually implemented and run.

Bryan Adams you have some big shoes to fill. Good Luck.