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Tracking User Behavior

Every time you sign up for a website and provide your email, name, or phone number, you’re giving them access to your information. Once you’re on their site they’re tracking your movements. By entering this personal information you’re consenting that they’re allowed to use and track it.

When you’re the owner of a site tracking user behavior can be extremely beneficial. Sites like Google Analytics allow you to access user data and see how long consumers are visiting the site and which pages they’re visiting. This can help a business better utilize their site and create a better user experience. Analytic breakdowns also allow businesses to view what demographic is visiting the most frequently. While this is a more personal analysis it can be extremely helpful in understanding and narrowing down the target population.

Some companies like Pinterest and Uber are extremely secure when it comes to user information. This means that they have a more ethical business model and they won’t abuse customer information by sharing or selling it. When companies follow a specific protocol, as Pinterest and Uber do, I believe there can be an ethical way of tracking user information.

However, companies like Facebook, Amazon, or any mobile service provider, are quite the opposite. Companies like these track user information and collect it in order to sell it to other companies. When information is taken and sold this way all ethical practices are neglected. Unfortunately, a lot of companies seem to follow in these footsteps.

Tracking user information is an extremely helpful tool. This tool can also be extremely misused therefore I do not believe it is an ethical practice. If more privacy laws were put into place user behavior tracking could remain a good thing. However, without these laws, the practice of tracking user behavior is abused and overall unethical.

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Authenticity and Social Media

A strong social media presence is all about resonating with your audience. Every business is guilty of self-promoting, that’s how they get their name and their product out there. But the magic of marketing is promoting your product without your consumer noticing. Some of the most successful campaigns are the ones that push a message and not a product.

Companies like Aerie with their #aeriereal campaign are proving that being real and authentic promotes your product on its own. The goal of this campaign is to create body positivity and self-love. Instead of editing and filtering models wearing their products like most companies Aerie took a stand against unrealistic beauty standards. By using models and customers of all shapes and sizes to show off their product Aerie doesn’t even need to add a promotion. I think Aerie shows the perfect balance of self-promotion and authenticity by pairing their products with a strong message that motivates and inspires their consumer base.

Aerie Instagram post

As a brand, your goal is to make sales in order to be successful. This doesn’t mean that your social media accounts have to be flooded with products and sales. For popular, already thriving brands, authenticity should become a key player in how they use social media because it’ll grow their fan base and directly impact their sales. Authenticity on social media is more than possible, it’s proven to be sucessful.

The Importance of Being Authentic

Child Poverty

Child Poverty And What We’re Doing To Stop It

Join Johnson Baby in the fight against Child Poverty

by: Makalah Sizer

Our Story

Johnson’s Baby has been around for the past 125 years, and its mission has been to provide gentle products for babies in each stage of their lives. Our mission statement states that we believe in “being gentle with our children, and with their dreams and ambitions”, yet not all kids are able to live in this same reality. Which is why we are announcing our new campaign to tackle child poverty.

The Scary Facts About Child Poverty

Our campaign, “One Diaper At A Time”, is to make awareness of the current child poverty issues in the US. The Children’s Defense Fund found in a study done in 2018 that about 1 in 6 children were born into poverty. Of those being born into poverty, 73 percent of children are children of color. Thus, proving that poverty isn’t only a socio-economic issue but a race issue as well. Us at Johnson Baby believes that every child has the right to grow up in a safe, and gentle home. However, this isn’t possible due to the current disparities in the poverty level. It’s up to us as one of the major companies in children’s products to do our part.

The chilling statistics regarding Child Poverty rates.

Do Your Part and Sign Up Now!

At Johnson’s baby, our plan is to build a campaign that actually causes change. Our campaign is designed to give people countless opportunities to help in the fight against child poverty. On our website, you can choose to sign up to become a volunteer at one of our sites. You can also sign up to get more information about our campaign. The site also has a page dedicated to how you can help!

Choose an option to donate to fight child poverty!


Our goal for this campaign is to provide to families in need. There are 3 options in which you can donate to help fight child poverty. The first option is to round up and donate when you purchase an item from our site. Next, you can buy one give one to donate to a family in need of supplies. Lastly, you can donate any amount of money feasibly. In choosing to donate you are doing your part in the fight against child poverty.

We hope that you are able and willing, to do what’s necessary to provide resources to these children in need.

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Health & Sanitation: Slow the Spread

Walmart is giving away PPE and sanitation equipment to schools and frontline workers in our various communities. With your help and support we can slow the spread of COVID19.

Through our donation match initiative, we pledge to give supplies to our chosen community partners for every one purchased on the list below.

  • Disposable/Reusable face masks

Wearing a mask to cover your nose and mouth not only protects the wearer, but also everyone they come in contact with. Masks block most germs coming from a person’s mouth and nose, preventing airborne spread of the virus.

  • Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is a good way to regularly keep up with staying healthy. The leading brands of sanitizer kill over 99% of all germs, so a quick pump of hand sanitizer after touching a shared surface can greatly reduce the spread of disease.

  • Antibacterial Wipes

Wiping down shared surfaces can also reduce the spread of the virus. Using wipes in schools and other shared spaces make sure that surfaces are always safe and ready for their next user.

  • Hand soap

While hand sanitizer can be extremely helpful in slowing the spread, nothing beats good old fashioned soap and water. People should be washing their hands for 30 seconds at least every hour to thoroughly decontaminate their hands.


These products can make real changes for those affected by the current pandemic, and can help frontline workers and teachers offer their services as well as ever!

Fair Trade SEO

In the Eyes of Starbucks, What is Fair Trade?

Ethical production and trade are prevalent topics in today’s society. However, in the past, major companies have swept their production and trade ethics under the rug, because they know they are not up to par.

Fair Trade by definition is “trade between companies in developed countries and producers in developing countries in which fair prices are paid to the producers” by Oxford Languages. Where fair trade practices are not in place, industrial and agricultural workers in developing countries are often underpaid and overworked, both of which issues are important but often forgotten about from the consumer standpoint. Many consumers overlook the meaning of the term, but with the help of our company Starbucks, we are here to shed some light.

What does a Fair Trade company look like?

A Fair Trade company is very transparent about its trade and business practices. A good example is the popular outdoor clothing and gear company, Patagonia. Patagonia has been introducing fair trade products onto the market since 2014 and is proud to have a big influence on changing workers’ lives for the better.

A good fair trade company also is very passionate about bringing awareness to the working conditions in the developing countries they work with. Patagonia preaches that they pay premiums for Fair Trade Certified products, and that extra money goes directly into a fund for the workers at their factories. This is a practice that needs to be adapted by companies worldwide.

What Fair Trade means to Starbucks

At Starbucks, we now vow to work towards purchasing 100% Fair Trade Certified products from a vetted list of producers by 2020. We have launched our new Fair Trade Starbucks Certified Campaign, which includes a Fair Trade coffee and frappucino option added to our menu, and all 100% of proceeds goes back to our producers that work so tirelessly to deliver our customers a premium product.

Health and Safety

Safety and Sanitation: Why it Matters

Walmart’s Upcoming Safety and Sanitation Campaign

Safety and sanitation matter now more than ever due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Our goal through Walmart’s upcoming health and safety campaign is to help keep our communities safe by providing cleaning supplies and personal protective gear to schools that are reopening. Through this, we hope to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by limiting the virus’s opportunities to reproduce and infect others. Our efforts are based on the CDC’s recommendations on how to protect yourself and others. Our approach mainly involves providing masks and cleaning supplies to schools as they reopen for in-person classes. The masks we provide will help stem the spread of respiratory droplets from the nose and mouth. In addition, the cleaning supplies we will provide are to help disinfect high-touch areas. These items directly promote safety and sanitation in schools, and can help make the reopening process more reassuring to those involved.

Tennesseans Can Get Free Cloth Face Mask at Local Health Department -  Rutherford Source
Cloth Face Masks – Photo by @veradavidovaphotography

Why We Care

We chose to do this campaign because of the deep importance of safety and sanitation to our communities. Having faced the COVID-19 pandemic for several months now, our communities have seen how dangerous the novel coronavirus is. However, we have also seen the negative effects that the lack of engagement through online learning has had for students. Schools play a large part in the social, emotional, and behavioral health of children, and affect them in many other ways. The CDC’s website has more information about the importance of schools here: Despite the inevitable challenges that schools will face as they reopen, we are committed to helping them reopen safely during this challenging time.

You can read more about Walmart’s health and safety campaign at our website: