Conquer Google with SEO

After observing George Do’s video, which explores the concepts of expanding seed keywords, I believe that becoming #1 on Google’s search engine page is completely “do”-able… for most companies. Of course, with broad statements as such, there are going to be exceptions. George used a trekking pole as an example in his video, and showed […]

#1 on Google

I think it is very possible to be number one on google. If you follow the steps laid out in the video it is very easy to pin point certain key words. Doing searches of competitors is a great way to see what they have highlighted. Looking on reddit, google and amazon makes it really […]

Can You Be #1 On Google?

Based on George Do’s SEO walkthrough I’d say hitting a number one spot for a Google search definitely is possible if your product or service is niche enough. In the video, he shows an example of a smaller trekking pole retailer appearing above REI (a much, much larger retailer) in a search. So simply speaking, […]