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Marketing Automation is a group of customer relationship management (CRM) or customer experience management (CXM) that focusses on the description, segmentation, scheduling and tracking of marketing campaigns. Marketing automation makes tasks that would be done manually by an individual, or effective and completed at a quicker rate. Also makes new processes possible that may not […]

Making The Case For Marketing Automation

What Is Marketing Automation Marketing automation has become a popular way sending out content to consumers. It refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online such as: email, social media, websites, etc. and automate repetitive tasks. By using marketing automation, it allows marketers […]

Investing in Marketing Automation: How to Convince your Workplace

Why Use Marketing Automation? Marketing Automation can bring useful information to every business and firm. Marketing automation can help make marketer’s efficiently deliver positive results to their respective workplace. If you’re looking to conceive your workplace to start using marketing automation, continue reading Common concerns associated with gathering marketing data can be addressed while using […]

Growing With Marketing Automation

Why marketing automation? It’s no secret that the digital market is growing and helping businesses grow as well. The use of marketing automation provides companies with helping optimize themselves in a more effective manner. Let’s take a look at how optimization can help your business. The marketing automation market is rapidly growing and 75% of […]

Improving Your Strategy With Marketing Automation

What It Can Do For Your Business Let’s be honest all of us could use more time during the day, especially when we are working. Using marketing automation will help you to save time at work. How? Alyssa Rimmer describes in her blog that marketing automation software is designed to help prioritize and execute your […]

The Benefits of E-commerce Tracking

In Comes E-commerce Buying and selling products/services has changed drastically over the last couple of decades. About ten years ago selling or buying transactions happened through face to face transactions. This means that any time you want to sell your product you would have to get customers to come to your store. Other companies at […]

E-Commerce Tracking and Why it’s Beneficial

What are E-Commerce Reports? E-Commerce Reports can be very beneficial when looking to improve your business. They allow you to to track and analyze the purchase activity on your site or app. They offer many benefits including transaction information, average order value, eCommerce conversion rate, time to purchase and more. With these reports you are […]

How to set up E-Commerce Tracking in Google Analytics

The Benefits of E-Commerce Tracking: E-commerce tracking is essential for all online business owners. Some business owners may not know the benefits of this feature in Google Analytics.  E-commerce tracking allows admins to track transactions on their web store. With this feature, admins can establish the right strategy to increase ROI for their firm. If […]