Proactive vs Defensive

The Main Difference Between Being Proactive or Defensive The biggest difference between whether your company is being proactive or defensive is who responds first. If the company seems to respond before the topic gains too much traction or seems unheard of then it is proactive. However if the company only seems to release a statement […]

Proactive Or Defensive Response?

Proactive responses are ways in which the company engages with a negative comment. Typically, “trolls” on social media or attacks by the press are the kinds of negative backlash companies have to deal with. proactive responses is a respective and responsible response. . This is normally approached as a diminish any conflict. Defensive Responding is […]

Be Proactive

Defensive Corporate Responses Defensive corporate responses are the minimum a company can do and are in response to pressing matters. The issue was not addressed before it escalated. When defensive corporate responses occur, they are usually to put out a fire to minimize the loss of customers. It is not the best look, as it […]

Proactive or Defensive?

Companies have an obligation to answer the questions and or the comments made by customers. There are different ways companies could go about this. They could answer back in a proactive or defensive way. Many of us have probably experienced both. So, whats the difference? Defensive Companies A defensive company may look like many different […]