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In my last blog, I indicated that it is possible to be ranked number one on google if you make your company standout and target multiple unique keywords. Being number one is definitely very situational, and it depends on the keywords that you are using. One specific company’s SEO that I will be looking into is Johnson’s Baby.

The first keyword I typed into google to try to locate this company was “baby hygiene products.” I instantly noticed how competitive that keyword is. The first listing that was not a pay-per click listing was for the retail giant Amazon. After Amazon the first page of listings included a large number of blogs to showcase best baby products, and natural baby products. That keyword would be hard for Johnson’s baby to be number one in because amazon already holds that spot.

To make Johnson’s baby have a better chance of being at the top, they already have their products featured by influencers in popular mommy blogs. Some of the same blogs that appeared in the first search. Having good links assists in making the website have a better chance of being at the top.

When looking for a more specific key word I typed in “nighttime baby wash products.” When I narrowed down my search, I found Johnson’s Baby as the number one result even when there are companies like dove selling the same type of products. Johnson’s Baby ranked over Amazon because of their expertise in this one product. This was also the smarter keyword to target because as the words become more specific, there is a greater chance that the customer is ready to purchase a product from your site.

Johnson’s baby also has high result rankings for keywords such as “baby lotion,” and “baby oil” where they are ranked second on both. Depending on the keyword, it is possible to be ranked first because Johnson’s baby already is.

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