We Grew Blog Traffic by 650%…Yes Organically

In the article written by Daisy Quake, she talks about how her blog traffic grew by 650% in two years organically; of course, like everything, it takes time to build attraction. She was willing to break out of her company mold and do something unique that connected with audiences around the world, hence help her site and product sell. Dasiy knew that she wouldn’t have a large budget like more departments for a synthetic oil company, so using her quick thinking, she uses Accelerated Mobile Page. It probably wasn’t the best solution, but it works, and it helps. Daisy did a lot of things was outside of the box for most people in the synthetic oil business, but with that, it ultimately helps her company.

If anyone wants to read Daisy Quake’s article, the link would be down below.


SEO is Too Complicated…

SEO is fully centered around content. Content that needs to be seen by people. This is basically it! Or is it…

Let’s talk about it!

Andrew Dennis’s article “It’s Content and It’s Links – Are We Making SEO Too Complicated?”, proves that yes its really just that simple. It’s easy to get caught up in programming, building deep links that you’ll never really track, and just plain overthink such a simple yet effective form of growth. Dennis really spends some time breaking down a very simple idea.. keyword tagging. After reading this it was clear to me that yes we in fact are overthinking SEO.. unless you’re a programmer, then go nuts!

Please visit Dennis’s article for more on this topic!


Content, Content, Content!

Content is the key!

When it comes to running a business the content you post on your website is key! You want to make sure you are targeting the right audience so you can make that sale or book that appointment. It has to hit home with the right audience for it to be successful. For example, what I am writing this blog post specifically for you, business owners. Someone who isn’t a business owner wouldn’t necessary want to read this so I have to make sure that what I am typing is really just for you. It needs to grab your attention, draw you in, but it also needs to be thoughtful and informative. So how can you make sure you are doing the same thing?

What is MOZ?

Moz is another business blogger website that can help you to build your business. It offers information about content, creating the right title, and everything you need to know about SEO. For this particular blog post, I have used an article written by Daisy Quaker to help you make your content look sexier.

So let’s get you those views you need!

How big is your online team anyways? is it two or three people? Perhaps it is 20! Either way you need to have multiple sets of eyes to make your content the best it can be. Sometimes even a fresh mind set can draw in new readers with things they would want to hear. That’s right, sometimes bringing in new writers can increase viewers. They have a fresh mind full of ideas and a different writing style that can draw in new users. New content brings in new users but also keeps the returning ones.

Another way to keep your content fresh is by writing in your style with your voice. You are your own person so make sure that your voice is heard and not some high end corporate know it all. When I write it is like I am talking to myself. I try to put my attitude and humor into my content so that people will take is seriously but not drown off halfway through. Keeping people interested is the way to make good content.

Most people today live for social media. People love to express their opinions and thoughts for others to see so what better way to make sure you’re targeting the right audience than by listening to exactly what they have to say! By staying up to date with social media trends and news, you can make sure you are staying a hot topic. That way when people look up certain keywords, your article will pop up! Also by acknowledging your followers on social media you can make them feel important. It will make them feel like you actually care about what the consumer wants.

By looking at behavior posts you can really look to see what users are interested in. Following where they click and how far they scroll down a page can really help you to decide what content to post next. Views are important but what they are view is really what your after. Using sites like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can help you to really see what the reader or consumer is thinking. Where they go the most and where they go the least on your site are good places to start. From there you can form questions like what is drawing them to that particular article? Or why does the page scrolling on this article stop at X? Think like a consumer, what do you really want to see?

Sexy is what you make it!

Making your content sex is really up to you. You just have to be yourself and really make sure you are talking to the audience you really want to talk to. For more tips and tricks Daisy Quaker and other MOZ authors offer an abundance of information on how to make your content shine.


Expand your user engagement with behavior reports

Before analyzing behavior reports, I want you to make sure that you have chosen the best content possible to post on your blog or website. Step one to engaging all your fans and followers: know your audience. Regardless of what your passion or idea is, say it loud and proud. This can be achieved through multiple channels; blogs, vlogs, hashtags, or creating an online community to share thoughts and ideas.

Insight: the gap between desire and outcome

This second component can debatably be named the most important when creating content- it’s where the magic happens. To achieve your goals and desires, they must be spoken into existence, share your ideas or brand with everyone! Engage and share interactions via focus groups, surveys, social media, conversations, and most importantly through data via Google Search Console.

To whoever is interested in expanding user engagement and sharing your awesome brain children with the world, I highly suggest diving into this helpful article:


Behavior Following Quality Content

Steps to Make Quality Content

When making content you really want to hone in on targeting your audience by thinking about their point of view and writing to interest them. This can be accomplished by figuring out what questions are being asked and what people are curious about as well as making sure that you focus more on the topic at hand and less about yourself. This will help your behavior flow as it will keep readers more engaged and more likely to read more on the next page or keep scrolling down. There are also other steps to help the ergonomics of your site, one being customizable URL when customizing a URL its important to make sure you don’t include dates and numbers that way you won’t have to keep updating it as you make revisions or fix more. The other tip would be to edit the text of your image as computers don’t know what images exactly look like rather they just read the data about it and being specific about what your images are can help direct traffic to your sites and pictures.

Applying the Concepts

In the future I plan to learn on how to edit alt-texts for images in order to make the SEO of my images easier to find and more specific. This will help bring in more traffic and generate more impressions.I will also wan to learn how to customize URL’s so the website looks more professional and there will be less revisions to do later on.


Understanding User Behavior with Google Analytics: Behavior Reports

What are Behavior Reports?

One of the more obvious tenets of marketing, is that the more you know about your users/those who your marketing is reaching, the better equipped you will be to make better decisions surrounding your marketing strategy. Google Analytics has a specific component referred to as behavior reports that allows for you to gain a better understanding of your user. By this I mean, you are able to see what pages people visit on your site and what they do while they are there. This is a highly beneficial tool as you can see what components of your content drive more traffic/are more effective and which are not. 

How to Use Tools to Determine Which Content to Re-Optimize

As we just explored, behavior reports can allow you to better optimize your marketing strategies by examining the behavior of your users. However, it is important to ask how to do this, and in article by Jeff Baker, the answer to this question is revealed. In a rather simplistic way I have listed the 8 step process outlined by Baker below:

  1. Find your threshold keywords
  2. Filter for search volume
  3. Filter for difficulty
  4. Filter for blog posts (optional)
  5. Select for relevance
  6. No cannibals here
  7. Rewrite and reindex
  8. Track your results

While re-optimizing your content may be a very helpful tool in making more effective your marketing strategy, it is very easy to do wrong. While knowing the steps of the process to do so is important, it is also crucial that you know which parts of your marketing campaign are most effective and then build off of that. 

Use this link to a helpful video on behavior flow models:

Here is the link to Baker’s article on the usefulness of behavior reports:

A Little SEO Off The Top, Please.

Are We Thinking Too Much?

SEO has swept the marketing sphere, changing the way people view digital. Chasing trends and new theories is what gets people tied up, says Andrew Dennis. The bare bones approach to SEO is content and links. Nothing more.

SEO starts and ends with content, and content starts and ends with good keyword research, according to Dennis. If you take your time and you are thorough with your keyword research, your content plan is foolproof. The core of SEO is simpler than it’s made out to be in many areas, and simplifying it could be the key to success. Over complication of this process is how things get lost, and likely how your content strategy will become less effective.

Behavior reports affect your content strategy heavily, or at least they should. If you can see that the title of your page is getting no hits as far as a keyword search, you should adjust the title so that your page hits when the most popular keywords are searched. This will increase traffic to your page and exposure to your name overall, moving you up the page.

Check out Andrew Dennis’s article below for more helpful tips on how not to overthink your SEO.


The correlation between content strategy and behavior reports.

What are behavior reports?

When an orgnazation is trying to expand, they have to fous on certain areas to gorw. When organzation realize content there are obvisouly people that like it, and some that dislike it. This causes orgnzation to look at what customers like, and what they dislike. This is where behavbior reports come into play. This helps cpompanies look at trends as to what customrs prefer. Behaior reports provide insite to alot of site data such as page views, and most viewed URLS and titles. Behavior reports, are what helps create flow models. Flow models are what shows the most popular parts a user uses on the website. This is tracked from any interaction on the wbsite, so it is a good way of tracking wheer users are more likley to go on the site.

Behavior reports in real life

After reading an article by Chad Reid titled, “How to Scale Your Content Marketing: Tips from Our Journey to 100,000 Words a Month, I learned a lot about the quality of content. The article talked about trying to released 100,000 words of content in a month which is a lot. But this company had a reason for wanting to do this. The more content that is released, the more they can learn. This helps them realize what works well and what doesn’t. Using behavior reports would allow them to track positives and negatives based on the flow charts. The more data that is given, the more accurate the results are. A quote from the article stated that, ” One benefit to creating as much content as we have is that we can really see what’s worked and what hasn’t”. This is basically what I have talked about, and how companies can use behavior reports in real life.

Read More!

Here is a link to the article talked about above. Please enjoy learning more!


Customers’ Behavior Towards your Content

Site Query Capturing

Site query capturing allows the website owner to track the behaviors of it’s customers. The query can show different things like page scrolling, how long someone stays on a page, which area gets the most traffic on your page and which area gets the least traffic on your page.

Re-optimize Content with Tools

An article by Jeff Baker teaches people how to use tools like query capturing and keywords to find weak spots. If your page has an area where people barely stay or click away, you can see that with the query tools. To get more people into those weak spots, you need to have better keywords and filters. The better keywords you have/more specific filters for searches, the more search results/traffic you will have on your page. To learn more about re-optimizing, follow the link below to Jeff Baker’s article.


Content: Lay It on Thick or Thin


One thing that marketers need to focus on is captivating their audience through effective messaging. It is becoming increasingly harder to stand out amongst other marketers and really make your content truly unique. With organic reach dropping more and more and the chances that you will rank as highly as you want to makes it incredibly hard to return an organic search.

When it comes to content distribution you can either spend time or money. So how can we effectively reach the right people at the right time? Best practices suggest using all social media networks, owned channels, email marketing, in-app notifications, and sales outreach.

The key is to think differently and to rise above other influencer marketing. You don’t want to be like most marketers because that will give you the same result as the others which will make it even harder to make your content stand out. By using behavior reporting it will enforce the ability to extend that message to the audience you really want to reach. If you can use behavior reporting to set yourself apart it allows you to have an edge against the other marketers. By exemplifying your audiences behaviors, you are able to target and position your ads based off of what you know of the consumer.