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The difference between form and function is that form is more related to a website’s structure/layout or format of the website itself. The form is very important for a website because in order for the viewer or user of the website to have a good experience with the website itself the form has to be up to par. For example, the company Amazon has a very good form to its website and the layout is very accessible for users such as myself which I personally value. Function is how useful the site is and how the site runs/works. This is important as well, an example of this would be if the site crashes or not if a lot of users are using it such as Moodle. Sometimes Moodle doesn’t work properly and that has to do with the website’s function. I personally think the consumer values form over function because the layout, design, color, etc is more appealing to a consumer when buying a product or online shopping rather than how the website actually works. The website shein is a clothing website where a lot of people purchase clothes and I personally do not like how the web tie functions because it crashes a lot and doesn’t work really effectively all the time but does that stop me as a consumer from buying clothes? No, because the layout and design of the website are very appealing to me.

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