Google Search Console, New Vs Old?

Jon Dretto January 24th

Legacy tools comparison

Google search console is a great way to see your website’s performance and check in on the site’s information to better understand what is going on with the usage of the site. Dash these tools display the website health, you URL/HTML codes, Security information and many more statistics. These tools make it easy for a young or old person today to know what is going on with their website, quick and easy.

What does all this mean? Why should we care?

These tools let the person running the page have a clear understanding of what is going on behind closed doors. when an error pops up, it can be cu\onfusing, but this helps the user know exactly what is going on, and how to fix it. The new Platform is much more efficient, only needing about 6 hours to process, vs the old one needing 3 days. it is a clear winner in this battle.

Sites used


Google Search Console: Out With the Old, In With the New

Updated and legacy tools comparison

Search console reports and tools are ways to assess your website’s performance and create more organic visibility of the site’s information. Additionally, these tools allow anyone with a website, free of cost to monitor how Google views their site. When reading about the search console tools and reports and comparing them with the legacy tools and reports, the latter seem to be utilized by developers whereas the former appear to be more user friendly and have the ability to be used by the lay person. The search console reports and tools moreover seem to display not only performance results but a synopsis of the site’s overall health, including security issues, URL/HTML coding errors, statistics, usability, site links, mobile usability and overall validity. They seem, not only to be user friendly but pertain to today’s society. What I mean by that is, they assess how mobile friendly a site is, sends alerts when an issue on the site arises, while also providing a quick and easy way to get started. It seems as if these legacy tools and reports have yet to be updated due to the fact that their purposes are so advanced that it may be difficult to find a way for the commoner to be able to utilize a similar function, regardless. 

Why are these important? 

I think these tools are important because they allow you to have insight into the behind the scenes performance of the page. They also give you information about how to optimize better, rank better in the google search results and they keep you informed about problems that may arise so you can tackle them as soon as they arise. Schwartz (2019) praises the new Google search console in reporting that Google shows updated data form up to six hours prior, whereas the data from the older version, or the legacy version, took approximately three days to update. This significant improvement allows website owners to make optimization changes, fix/debug issues in a timelier manner, actually, within less than a day (Schwartz, 2019). 


Schwartxz, B. (2019). Google search console speeds up data in performance reports. Search Engine Land. Data retrieved from


The migration of new search consoles

As time moves forward, our technology is becoming more and more advanced concerning search engine optimization. Search consoles have migrated to brand new versions of reports and tools. These new tools have become specialized for individual’s use. The best time to be a blogger or start a website is now! Thanks to Google search console you are now able to evaluate your website’s organic searches to optimize profit and revenue to the business. There comes a time as marketers’ when we must take advantage of SEO to guarantee success across the globe.

What has changed?

I’m happy you asked that. There is a new version of the Google search console that will undoubtedly change the way business owners monitor and maintain proper website functions. Google has taken the legacy tools and made their functions faster and easier with report tools. These software updates will not only be easier for users but faster also. There are now sixteen months of search traffic data, v.s three months in the old version. Another awesome addition google search console has made is that you can now use the software on your mobile device. Usage rates will increase due to the mobile convenience factor.

This topic is only growing more and more relevant to today’s business world. This is a tool that will tell you who is talking about you and searching for you, why other websites are getting more foot traffic, and what you can do to optimize your platform and cut down competitors. When the stakes are this high, you simply cannot afford to gamble with google search consoles.


New Search Console Is Different from Old Search Console…or is it?

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the overarching function/purpose of a ‘Search Console’…it is essentially a free platform offered by Google in order for individuals to monitor and maintain website performance. Currently, Google is striving to revamp Legacy tools with Report tools in order to simplify the entire process for individuals.

On the other hand, for those of you who consider yourself to be somewhat of a Search Console veteran, chances are you feel extremely comfortable with the Legacy tools. Keep in mind, the Report tools will only be a slight adjustment. For example, the New Search Console has the following improvements over the old version:

  • Sixteen months of search traffic data, versus three months in the old product
  • Detailed information about a specific page, including index coverage, canonical URL, mobile usability, and more
  • Tracking flows to help you monitor, fix, and request a recrawl of pages affected by crawling issues.
  • New and improved reports and tools, described next.
  • Works on mobile devices.

When trying to assimilate yourself to the New Search Console, the link provided below is critically helpful. Within this link, there is an extensive chart is provided where the main differences between the New and Old Search Consoles are explained.


The Past and Future of Search Console


Google Search Console is a tool that helps you monitor, maintain, and troubleshoot your site’s preference in Google Search results. Search Console is most recommended for site administrators, web developers, and business owners.

The Main Event

The new Google Search Console has been completely rebuilt and is evidently much more user friendly. SEO companies are now able to identify and fix potential problems as well as filter multiple variables at a time so that you don’t have to keep switching from option to option. The new search console also gives you the ability to obtain up to 12-16 months of data which is far better than the old version, which only allowed 3 months.

The old console offered valuable insight into how people were accessing your site but did not allow you to do so in a way that quickly enabled you to recognize and resolve any technical issues. The old search allowed you to see things like clicks, impressions, and click through rates, but you could only choose one option at a time.

So, why should we care about the new search console? Well, reader, I’m glad you asked! The top benefits of using search console include: Seeing exactly who is talking about you, Find details that could be hurting your visibility, Tell Google what pages to index, Get instant alerts on when your site is experiencing a problem, and it’s totally free! Basically if you want your site to be successful and to help you optimize your search performance; Search Console should be your first stop on your way to SEO.


Old vs. New Search Console


Search Console allows you to monitor your site and manage your site’s performance in Google Search. Google is currently aiming to replace the Legacy tools with new ones that take the old tools to a whole new level.

Benefits of New Search Console

The new search console offers a variety of benefits that aim to make life easier for its users. In the article shown below, there are five new tools that make the change worth it for the user and a list of the old tools that have been removed/improved. One new tool is Crawl Errors in Index Coverage Report, which allows the user to find and fix their problems much faster than they could have with the Legacy tools available. Another useful tool is Sitemaps Data in Index Coverage Report, which allows the user to track URLs submitted in Sitemap files. With these new tools, Google also offers users the chance to view data over the past 16 months, rather than just three months. The new tools give detailed reports about specific pages and makes search console mobile friendly, which allows users to access their site’s information easily.


The Benefits of Old and New Search Consoles.

New search consoles have a lot of benefits for all types of users. They are more advanced, and are more efficient to use. These search consoles are very helpful for search engine optimization as well as developers. These can be very useful for the average person as well, just looking to gain information.

The legacy search consoles do not yet have updated replacement in the search console. Replacements are being worked on but have not yet been implemented. These are used by site owners, and some of tools are more advanced.

I think that the new reports and the legacy reports are both important. They provide website owners with a lot of useful information that help them be successful. With the new reports you can look at performance reports, as well as use URL inspection tools, look at possible security issues, as well as many other things. All these tools combined help build a successful and healthy website. Google is the largest search engine, that is very well know, so sites want to be able to have a strong preference on there. There is a lot of information that can be learned from these tools. Websites can learn about a lot of useful data such as click rate, impressions, and site position. I believe legacy reports haven’t been updated because they are too difficult to update. These tools are generally for advanced users, so they are probably more complex.

In an article from PML, it talks about the benefits of Google search console. Google keeps you up to date about potential errors and issues with you’re website. Google will then send you an message about the issues and it states it could be something ” like a detected hack attack, a malware warning, a manual penalty for bad linking practices or other technical notices which the search engine may send via the Google Search Console”. Google search console is all around a very useful tool for websites. Another benefit is ” App developers can use Google Search Console to add deep linking to their apps (which allows app pages to show up in users’ mobile search results), connect their app with a website, handle crawl errors and more. ” Overall all of these tools can be very useful for a website.


Evolution of the Search Console, Google that is.

The types of reports Google offers:

In recent years people have flocked to technology as a career choice. Those who make a living off of videos, blog or news article have to worry about things such as views, errors, usage etc. Google has evolved with the increasing popularity, offering a variety of search console reports to meet each persons need. Many of the current search consoles have been developed for SEO’s; people who focus on making their website the top suggestion when googling something. However, there are consoles for just anyone to use. I feel as though google has evolved into a useful tool for anyone to use because they offer a variety of options for companies to analyze what they can be doing better. Everyone wants to be number one because who goes beyond the first page when doing a google search. Google is the most commonly used search engine so why not use their tools to better yourself and your company. The Legacy tools that are discussed at the bottom of the page are like ideas that have yet to be fully developed into something greater that everyone would benefit from. Perhaps the legacy tools are also still around for those who have yet to really get into analyzing their sites. Everyone has to start somewhere and some of the legacy tools are still simple enough that new people can use and understand them before they dive into the full world of analytics. Although they offer great benefit, it is not as useful as some of the tools google has created for today’s world.

The Security Issues Report:

The Security Issues Report is something everyone should use and can use. With the number of hackers out there in the world today, you want to make sure what is yours stays yours. By using this console, you can find bugs, hackers and troubleshoot until your get your site back and running once again. The increase in technology usage has created a need for something like this, hence the evolution of the google console to meet the peoples needs.

The Data Highlighter Tool:

This tool helps to ensure that data such as bus routes, event schedules etc. are being placed in the templates on a site. This is considered to be a legacy tool because most people don’t have to rely on the bus anymore or they can look at an event schedule through their mobile devices rather than online. Nonetheless this tools help to make sure that data is being placed into the right template by extracting the information from google directly.

Google Data Highlighter Tool: Benefits and Drawbacks

To fully understand the benefits of a google console tool, this article lists both benefits and drawbacks. Although this tool is not as current, it still offers a great analyzing tool that can be helpful to everyone and not just SEO’s.


New School vs Old School – Battle of Search Console.

Is google having second thoughts on there updated new search console tools?

The new legacy tools from Google are the new gold standard for the search console, but Google hasn’t replaced the old ones with the Legacy yet. Many people think google is still trying to hash out some of the problems that their newest tools have, so they even letting people use the old one.

The reasons could be various, as we see on this site that pretty much give us a side by side comparison of what the old tools are doing and what the new tools are doing.

As we have seen in the link above, there are some new tools that Google has implemented in the legacy section, one new device is “robots.txt Tester” this tool helps with seeing if your robots.txt is working and instead if it block the URL that was given. Another helpful tool is the URL Parameters Tool is excellent at telling Google about any particular parameters you are using on your page.

In this short article, it’s telling you about the new features in the legacy tools and report it is all about.


Old vs. New Search Engine Console

What is Search Engine Console?

Due to the ever-changing nature of search engine optimization, it is crucial that site owners understand the revisions and enhancements that have taken place.Both the “Report and Tool” and “ Legacy” tool offerings allow for a site owner to have a better understanding of the ways in which visitors interact with it. While the legacy tool offerings are considered to be older than the report and tool ones, they still perform important functions such as the ability to target an international audience through the usage of translation. The newer enhanced functions of search console include important benefits like the ability to see security issues as well as performance reports. 

Benefits of Search Engine Console

One of the main benefits for a business to better understand and utilize search engine console is that there is a much larger greater ability to target and have an impact on your audience’s behavior. An article in Forbes claims that: “By spotting the right opportunities and focusing on the right methods and techniques, you can definitely make significant strides.” Furthermore, utilizing a google search console reporting system allows you to have access to a far larger amount of information as Google is the primary tool users use to search for product. Due to this, there is an increased ability for you to know when something has gone awry as Google will contact you directly.