All About Your HelloFresh Meal-Match!

Thank You For Signing Up For HelloFresh’s Meal-Match Plan!

This page is your one-stop-shop for understanding your Meal-Match’s features, contributors, and what you can look forward to while helping people stay fed during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

A Meal-Match in progress with a local food distributor in Cleveland, Ohio


HelloFresh is proud to partner with food banks and distributors near you to make the Meal-Match possible! Take a look at some of our partners in Rochester that are here to help us make strides in keeping everyone fed.

ROC Food Not Bombs:

HelloFresh proudly partners with ROC Food Not Bombs, which is a community-led grass-roots network of food suppliers and volunteers that spreads free vegetarian and vegan meals in the local community.


HelloFresh proudly partners with Foodlink, a food bank dedicated to “end hunger and build healthier communities”.


As you know, your Meal-Match plan will match the meals you select from your very own HelloFresh Meal Plan, and match the same delicious ingredients and recipes for someone who truly needs it! Even better, we at HelloFresh want to make sure the personalized meals you purchase for yourself will reflect what is sent to those in need.

With the Content Match element of the Meal-Match plan, HelloFresh wants you to expect a 1:1 comparison in what your friend in need will be receiving! In other words, if your scheduled Meal Kit provides for your entire family, you will be matched up with a family or those with similar portion demands. If you are ordering from the vegetarian, vegan, or pescatarian menus, the meals sent to those in need will reflect those dietary restrictions. We even account for allergies! We do all of this with our partners to ensure the culinary diversity of what those in need will consume, and to assure our customers that no cost is too high to feed those less fortunate.


We know that the fans of our meals are also fans of the greatest! With promo codes COOKINGWITHCONTESSA and others on our HelloFresh/ page, you can now add some of these limited edition celebrity chef-inspired recipes to your Meal-Match plan. #HelloCeleb meals include real recipes from Gordan Ramsey, Ina Garten, Ree Drummond, and Aaron Sanchez. Terms and conditions apply.

#HelloatHome and #HelloCeleb

Join us on social! Show us the meals you selected for matching and the ones you’ve just cooked at home! With #HelloatHome show friends and family how you cook in quarantine with fresh meals sent straight to your door.

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