Content, Content, Content!

Content is the key!

When it comes to running a business the content you post on your website is key! You want to make sure you are targeting the right audience so you can make that sale or book that appointment. It has to hit home with the right audience for it to be successful. For example, what I am writing this blog post specifically for you, business owners. Someone who isn’t a business owner wouldn’t necessary want to read this so I have to make sure that what I am typing is really just for you. It needs to grab your attention, draw you in, but it also needs to be thoughtful and informative. So how can you make sure you are doing the same thing?

What is MOZ?

Moz is another business blogger website that can help you to build your business. It offers information about content, creating the right title, and everything you need to know about SEO. For this particular blog post, I have used an article written by Daisy Quaker to help you make your content look sexier.

So let’s get you those views you need!

How big is your online team anyways? is it two or three people? Perhaps it is 20! Either way you need to have multiple sets of eyes to make your content the best it can be. Sometimes even a fresh mind set can draw in new readers with things they would want to hear. That’s right, sometimes bringing in new writers can increase viewers. They have a fresh mind full of ideas and a different writing style that can draw in new users. New content brings in new users but also keeps the returning ones.

Another way to keep your content fresh is by writing in your style with your voice. You are your own person so make sure that your voice is heard and not some high end corporate know it all. When I write it is like I am talking to myself. I try to put my attitude and humor into my content so that people will take is seriously but not drown off halfway through. Keeping people interested is the way to make good content.

Most people today live for social media. People love to express their opinions and thoughts for others to see so what better way to make sure you’re targeting the right audience than by listening to exactly what they have to say! By staying up to date with social media trends and news, you can make sure you are staying a hot topic. That way when people look up certain keywords, your article will pop up! Also by acknowledging your followers on social media you can make them feel important. It will make them feel like you actually care about what the consumer wants.

By looking at behavior posts you can really look to see what users are interested in. Following where they click and how far they scroll down a page can really help you to decide what content to post next. Views are important but what they are view is really what your after. Using sites like Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager can help you to really see what the reader or consumer is thinking. Where they go the most and where they go the least on your site are good places to start. From there you can form questions like what is drawing them to that particular article? Or why does the page scrolling on this article stop at X? Think like a consumer, what do you really want to see?

Sexy is what you make it!

Making your content sex is really up to you. You just have to be yourself and really make sure you are talking to the audience you really want to talk to. For more tips and tricks Daisy Quaker and other MOZ authors offer an abundance of information on how to make your content shine.

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