Self Promotion

When it comes to brands self promoting on social media, I think that it is extremely necessary. If I follow a page on instagram for a clothing company that I shop at, I want to see the new products they come up with. If they weren’t promoting their new products or anything in that sense that would make me want to unfollow them. It keeps the consumer interested and may bring some awareness to new products that consumers wouldn’t see if they didn’t do any type of self promotion.

Brands and Authenticity

What does it mean to be authentic in todays world? The classic definition is something that is real. But when it comes to brands it means creativity that a company comes up with on their own terms, and not taking ideas from other companies. I believe self promotion and authenticity go hand in hand, because you can showcase your products and explain how you are different from you competitors. If you go another route other than the average social media post that , and do something that your company alone has come up with, that makes you authentic. Copying other brands and posting the same content as them can diminish that.

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