Capturing Custom Campaign Parameters

When I think about a specific ad that leaves a strong message I automatically think of Nike. Their tagline “Just Do It” is recognized by millions around the world, as they are one of the most leading activewear companies out there. The post their advertisement on just about every social platform, tv commercials, billboards, etc. […]

Creativity and Data Visualization

Do You Need to be a Creative Person to Create Data Reports? In most respects I would say that you do need to be a creative person in order to create data reports. “Data Studio reports tell stories with data. These stories can persuade, provide insights, validate decisions, or argue for a change of course. […]

Proactive vs Defensive Political Response

As its universally known, the customer comes first in this business world. Everyday, people don’t always have the perfect experience, and it their right to make a complaint if they feel like the services provided to them were not what they wanted. It’s up to companies to choose how they go about resolving this issues. […]

Email Marketing

When you really think about it, is email marketing really dead? Its not uncommon, especially for younger people that checking your email frequently is simply not the case. But getting rid of it all together would not be the best idea. There are studies done that shows that every time an email is sent a […]

Highest Spending Ad

I wouldn’t say the highest spending ad beats the competition. I think the number 1 factor is the popularity of the brand. Just because you spend the most money doesn’t mean you are automatically the best. You wight have a longer ad, but not the best response.

How to Connect with your Target Audience

Using Browsing Data Its no secret that companies use cookies and browsing data from their consumers to figure out who their target audience is and how they can market to them to continue using their services or attract a similar group of people who aren’t aware of their brand. They use this information and establish […]

Is it ethical to track consumer behavior?

Why do companies track your information? The main reason behind companies using google analytics to track some characteristics of their consumers is to get a better sense of what their target market are. In that sense, what is it that they are able to track from your cookies online? Companies are able to see your […]

Self Promotion

When it comes to brands self promoting on social media, I think that it is extremely necessary. If I follow a page on instagram for a clothing company that I shop at, I want to see the new products they come up with. If they weren’t promoting their new products or anything in that sense […]

My Interaction with a Digital Ad

A time that I had an interaction with a digital ad is when I was scrolling through instagram and popular company that sells cute and trendy masks showed up as a sponsored post. I follow a lot of fashion accounts and what convinced my to click through was the designs of many of the masks. […]

expanding topics on your website

Ways you can expand topics on your website is linking something such as a go fund me page or petition under what you are supporting. That way, it makes your company have a better image, by helping out the community. For example, with our website based on the company Samsung, our mission is to help […]

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