Applying STP to Email Campaigns


Dating websites are a prime example of a business that needs to understand who their users are and what they want. Because of this Hinge has a “form” at the creation of a profile. From this there are two major segments in which Hinge needs to use to understand their customers. First being their demographics, and second being their lifestyle traits. Demographics is important because you need to know who this person is, and where they are. Then lifestyle traits are important because they help Hinge understand what their users enjoy.

What I Would Do

Now with our two segments in place I would create a list to market to people depending on what their profile says. First, for those who make it apparent they are more focused who someone is (age, gender, etc.) and their location I would put them into the demographics list. Then vice-versa I would find those who are looking more for people who are more focused on what someone enjoys in life and put them into the lifestyle traits list. From there I would market to the demographics list that Hinge is capable of potentially finding someone in their area around their same demographic. Then the same for lifestyle traits, but marketing that Hinge can find them someone interested in the same things.

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