Applying STP to Email Campaigns

Hinge Dating websites are a prime example of a business that needs to understand who their users are and what they want. Because of this Hinge has a “form” at the creation of a profile. From this there are two major segments in which Hinge needs to use to understand their customers. First being their […]

Turning One Idea into Mutliple

Make the Content Native to the Platform Many marketers and businesses struggle with coming up ideas and ways to keep their content at the front of the platforms that their audience is using. But to keep their audience engaged they should focus on keeping the content published on the platform, native to that platform. This […]

Paid vs Free

Both SEO and PPC marketing strategies can help grow awareness of a business through its campaign. But what strategy is the most cost effective? This is not an easy answer, and for most there really is no answer. It all depends on the budget of the campaign, and also how exactly the business wants to […]

Is Creativity Needed for Data Visualization?

Creativity is Not a Necessity Creativity is NOT a necessity when creating a page to present data. The most important factor when presenting data is that you have the correct data with the correct ranges for the time period. This skill does not require being creative, but just being knowledgable on what you are doing. […]