A/B Testing

What is it?

A/B testing is the process of creating two different variations of a webpage and seeing which returns the wanted result more often. This is done by changing one or two things on a webpage and using them at similar times. Therefore you can see how the pages work without external factors effecting the results. Before running the test a hypothesis will be created. This hypothesis could be the changing of the color of a button, or the use of a different font. Once the hypothesis has been created the test will be ran, and the results will be found.

My Hypothesis

For my Hypothesis I looked at the About Naz page and came up with the idea to add a “Request more Info” box on the side fo the page that scrolled with the user as they scrolled. This would help gauge how many users are seriously interested in learning more about Naz, and also could help collect more emails for Naz to use to reach out to potential prospects.

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