Audience Targeting

Having a set audience is crucial for creating a successful advertising campaign.  Without the knowledge of who your audience is, it is difficult to figure out how to cater to them and what they find interesting.  There are four types of campaigns one could run to gain the attention of or retarget consumers.  These four types consist of display, search, video, and hotel.  Each of these methods are used for specific purposes and goals.  Display advertising is used based on the habits and interests of the person they are advertising to.  These ads are also used in remarketing campaigns to get consumers back to your site.  Search advertising helps reach new consumers who have similar interests to what your business does.  It can help reach potential customers who may have not otherwise known about your product or service.  Video advertising reaches people who have interacted with your business and helps give them a visual as to what your business does and what they are all about.  Hotel advertising is a remarketing tactic that helps bring people back to your website and keeps them coming back.  

Once you have figured out who you are advertising to, you can decide what strategy will work best for your business and how to implement that strategy.  Once this has been done a process called dynamic prospecting will help you get the most out of your campaign.  The goal of dynamic prospecting is to get the most value out of your campaign by targeting people who are most likely to use your services or products.  Having an effective and engaging advertising campaign is crucial to having success in your business.  Without this, finding potential clients and customers is extremely difficult.

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