What is the best way to target an audience?

Creating Audience Affinity

In the vast and diverse world of digital marketing, finding a particular target audience is a very important aspect to acquire. Audience Affinity is defined as “reaching users based on what they’re passionate about and their habits and interests”. Having an audience is extremely important and understanding their passions and interest is as well because imagine you put all this work into creating a sleek website design just to have little to no interactions with it; if anything it’s a waste of time and most importantly money. To not have this happen audience affinity is typically the centralized idea in the mind of advertisers in order to gauge the interest of the audience so they can increase their website traffic.

Aspects of Life Events use in Digital Marketing

It may not seem like a big deal but some advertisers do use life events to gauge audiences for their goods and services. Advertisers “gain understanding when these moments are taking place, you can tailor your advertising to reach the right users with the right messages.” Due to how the frequency of life events there is a very minuscule amount of them. As a result, they typically reach smaller audiences. So how exactly do they find out if you are having what would be considered a “life event”? Well, advertisers will track what people are buying to determine this. For example, say you just bought a wedding dress online. Advertisers will determine that you are most likely going to get married. Due to this, they will show advertisements related to this such as wedding venues and other related items. This is how advertisers use life events to gauge interest.

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