Instagram Ads

Why did I click on it? Why did I buy it? I am always shopping online for better deals on clothes and shoes. I noticed a pair of earrings that I really wanted but were to expensive at the time. As I was scrolling through instagram and I seen that same pair of earrings but […]

Expanding Website Topics

The Hello Fresh website can expand it’s website content by using infographics. This is helpful under website links because it gives the opportunity to highlight it’s program while still keeping the viewer engaged. Infographics can have sign up links. Another will include the health facts. These images can changed during seasons.


A website can be number one on a search engine but it has to play it very smart to get there. First, a website must know who their competitors are to create a keyword that can set them apart on their website. With that keyword they can maximize their relevance by placing it strategically throughout […]