Campaigning Across Different Channels

Collecting Campaign data

Did you know that you is you use Google Ads, your Google Analytics account is already linked to your ad? Analytics tracks all of your campaigns so you can see what is really going on. But what if you pay for certain campaigns outside of Google? Well with some tagging, you can link all of that to your Google Analytics too.

What are the best ways to collect campaign data outside of Google?

There are a variety of ways you can collect campaign data without using Google Ads cause some people simply don’t like using Google (@ me). First you can simply tag the URL associated with your other campaign. This in my opinion is the easiest way to do things. You simply set a tag and it will fire every time someone views your URL. Another option would be to use something called a URL builder. A URL builder is something you add to a URL so that data can be captured about the referring campaign. There are generators to make it easier for you (there is a Google sponsored one, shocker!). When using the URL Builder there is certain variables you need to include. Campaign Source, Campaign Medium and Campaign Name are required to make a successful URL Builder. One final note to make is that you don’t want to use personal data. I feel as though that is common sense but just don’t do it.

So what?

By adding little things like this to your campaigns you can track what is getting the most views and where. This way you can take places that aren’t getting as many views and make those campaigns better to benefit you in the long run. Data analysis is important because you want to make sure you are reaching the right audience. A successful business meets the needs of it customers but you can’t do that if you have no customers.

To read more about campaign tagging this article is helpful!

In this article it discusses the ins and outs of campaign tagging. One of the main points it make right in the begging is that it is helping to consolidate data. Everything is in one place, Google Analytics. That makes analyzing easier and more efficient. Successful campaigns are the key to a successful business. This article also better explains what URL builders are. I tried I really did! Their explanations will better help you decide what you need to use for your campaigns.

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