How To: Create the CHAMPION of Campaigns.

In order to have the best luck when it comes to your campaign successes, it is highly recommended that you set up a campaign across multiple channels. This will allow you to closely monitor your efforts; in order to discover which channel is most effective for that specific campaign.

Furthermore, using Google’s handy ‘Campaign URL Builder’ will allow you to easily track your campaign as well as the behavior of individuals who stumble upon your campaign. In fact, this should be one of the first steps you take in creating a prosperous campaign. (keep in mind that this should be clear and cohesive with your campaign)

Adhering to the tips below will allow your campaign to transform into the CHAMPION of campaigns.

  1. Tag only what you need
  2. Create your links with the URL builder
  3. Use only the campaign variables you need
  4. Do not send personally identifiable information

If you are looking to increase your campaign success and productivity, I highly recommend you spend a few minutes of your day watching the video I have provided below. This video further describes how / why to set up a custom URL for your campaign.

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