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What is A/B testing?

When using A/B testing the content that is composed may not lead to the desired outcome. In the process of this, there may be issues that arise such as tracking conversions, or actions that take place on a website. So what exactly is A/B testing? A/B testing is a way to experiment with certain tools on a website. By using A/B testing it allows us to change certain aspects of a website so we can see what we should improve on. Along with enhancing the settings of a website, it also can help improve customer experiences when targeting certain audiences.

Creating a hypothesis

When we have to create certain optimizations for websites, we must understand the current “problems”/ “issues” on our website. An example of a problem that some websites experience can include low conversions. To resolve this an example of a variant solution could be “Changing the color of the ‘Add to cart button from blue to green will increase revenue by 10 percent.” After identifying this issue and running our experiment it will give us a new influx of new data that will be available for us to understand. The new data will also allow us to come to a conclusion if our hypothesis was correct and if the website is better optimized now than it was before.

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