Application of STP to email campaigns

What is segmentation? In digital marketing, the concept of segmentation is used thoroughly to gauge interest and conversions from their aimed audiences. The concept of segmentation is defined as putting buyers into certain groups whether it is based on aspects such as gender, geographic location, needs, and etc. By using STP helps you better target […]

Evolution of Search Optimization

As our world and economies become more and more digitized, so does the evolution of search optimization. As a digital advertiser, it’s not always easy to reach out to online users or simply find your audience for whatever good or service you are promoting. In this profession, a tool such as the Google search console […]

Free and Paid Media Tracking

Differences between SEO’s and PPC’s As advertisers, it is important to understand what concepts you should use to better promote your goods and services across the online platforms. In digital advertising, there are two different primary advertisings strategies to increase interactions and searches for your page. SEO is known as the organic version. PPC is […]