Current Reports vs. Legacy Tools

Search engine optimization can be defined as “the process of improving your site to increase its visibility for relevant searches.” It is extremely important since it helps companies find audiences for what they are promoting in their ads. The Google Search Console (GSC) is a useful tool that steers advertisers toward the right users. The current reports are tools that are currently part of the GSC while the legacy tools are tools that are in the process of being replaced in the new search console.

Legacy Tools

The legacy tools are older tools when we compare them directly to the current tools. We know this because the “Search Console team is working on a replacement strategy for these items.” One of the benefits associated with the legacy tools is that a majority of the tools are useful for SEOs. A specific legacy tool that differs from the current ones is the International Targeting. This tool sets a single top target country for a site. These legacy reports have not been eliminated because there has not been a proper replacement created for them on this new search console.

Current Reports

The current reports are tools that are actively being used to understand how our sites are performing. This section contains an overview page that summarizes the “property’s health.” There is also a performance report that lets us know how many people have clicked on and saw our site from a Google search. The benefits of these tools is that they are useful for more than just SEOs. They are more useful for everyone, but specifically mentions site owners, administrators, and developers.

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