A/B Testing: How Can It Help You?

What Is A/B Testing?

A/B testing is a way for a website owner to run experiments on their site to see what is the best way to increase user activity. The original site that you want to test is considered variable A, where as the changed or new version is considered B. With any experiment, you will need to create a hypothesis about the thing that you want to test. After that, you will be able to know exactly what changes you want to make on the B site. When the experiment is over, you will hopefully gain results that increase user activity on your site/page.

For me personally, I want to see if I can get more people who read my blogs to click the links that I provide at the bottom of each one. So my hypothesis would be, if I move the link from the bottom to the top of my blog, more people will click on that link. This will ultimately show me if people are fully engaged with my blog or not.

Example Hypothesis For a Business

For example, lets say that I am a website owner that sells phone cases. On my current site, I have a page that has all of my case options with links that bring you to the specific case that a customer clicks on. On those pages, there is a picture of the case, a description, a video, and then the add to cart button at the bottom. I have noticed that not a lot of customers have been clicking the video about the case, and even less are adding to their cart. My hypothesis is, if I move the video next to the picture, and put the add to cart button right below that with the description at the bottom, then customers are going to buy the case at a much higher rate. Now I will be able to see the results and make any changes necessary.

For more of a guide, use this link below.


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