Is it Possible to rank Highest on a Google Results Page?

I believe that by following George Do’s advice on expanding seed keywords it is more than possible to appear as the number one result on a Google results page. The hard part is not only getting to number one, but is actually staying there. One of the tips that Do gives in the video is to type keywords into Google, and take note of what it autocompletes after the keywords you typed. Many people looking for information will most likely just follow Google’s lead and hit enter, rather than spending more time typing more specific keywords. By taking note of what appears in Google’s autocomplete, it is clear what terms have a lot of traffic that the site should try to optimize for.

To maintain a number one position, a website needs to be constantly updating its pages and creating new ones that fit new keywords related to the site. Another important idea that George Do mentions is researching online forums about your website. Online forums are a great resource to see what the public actually thinks of your site, what keywords are likely to get the most traffic and how you can improve the site. Though it is very difficult I believe it is possible to rank number one on Google, but the hard part is actually staying at number one before another larger webpage appears to move your page down the list.

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