Is Email Marketing Dying?

by: Makalah Sizer

Emailing has been around for the past five decades. Companies use our email address’s to get out different information. Whether it’s advertising a new product, or sending a coupon, or giving you information on your latest purchase. However, often consumers feel bombarded with emailing resulting in a lot of messages going to their spam folder. The question is, is emailing it still necessary?

Companies and Collecting Data

Everyone can recall a time where they go to a webpage, and within a few moments, they are being asked to give out their email to either continue onto their site or to receive a percentage off of their purchase. 

Companies are constantly collecting their user’s data, to target and show them certain products.

Why Collect?

Businesses collect emails and information so they can send content out to get consumers to buy from them.

Companies have a different email sign up options to capture as much or as little information as they please.

Companies can go the simple route and only ask for your email address
Along with your email companies could also ask for your name, date of birth, etc.

Asking more information often leads to higher conversion rates for companies, because they can learn more about you. Which allows them to send you information tailer fit to you.

There are different ways that companies can confirm that you actually want to be apart of their email list, that way their information isn’t being sent to spam.

First, companies can add an “opt-in” button to subscribe so that emails aren’t sent to the spam folder. This way users can choose to receive emails from the company.

Secondly, they can send a double confirmation email to confirm that the user wants to be apart of the email listing before adding them to it.

Majority of people despise spam emailing, which is why companies should offer opt-in buttons to decrease the amount of spam emails we receive.

Email Dying?

Emailing has been along for a very long amount of time. So it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for email conversion rates to decrease. Especially since there are so many other forms of media to get consumers to interact with your company. Pay per click marketing may be a way to help save emailing. Being able to create custom audiences can help increase and drive conversion rates. For example, say DSW knows that Mattie and I like heeled boots. They might send ads/emails specifically to us regarding heeled boots, to get us to their site to potentially buy from them. 

Companies can also make it easier so that it isn’t a hassle for consumers to sign up for emails.

For example, Facebook social direct. Users simply hit the subscribe button, and will then automatically get their name, email, and information put into an email list.

Regardless of how some might feel emailing isn’t going away any time soon. But it’s up to companies to put in the work so their emails make it in the inbox and not the spam folder.

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