Do you have to spend the most money on “search ads” to beat your competition?

It depends on your definition of beat. Paying more money puts you higher on the page, but there are more things to be taken into account. When determining how much money you’re willing to spend on ads, you have to consider two things, your conversion rate, and your CPA, or your profit from a conversion or a sale. The higher your conversion rate, the more money you’ll be making, which means more money can be spent on ads. So if you dump all your money into ad space, but a click almost never means a conversion, then you’ll very quickly run into a problem. the higher you are on the page, the more clicks you’ll see, which means the more money you’re spending on pay per click advertising. You must have the conversion rate to back that spending, or you won’t be able to make money. So paying to win works a whole lot better when your product or service is actually better than your competitors, and when your website can generate a high amount of conversions.

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