Ethical Tracking

How to Use Ethical Tracking

If a company asks you for information and you enter it they now have the right to that information. This is because they aren’t allowed to track personal information and usually you give them it. That is where their permission with this stops though. I think its fair game for companies to make personalized profiles of their customers as most likely they had to buy the information. Most big companies don’t buy data from other companies rather they make it worth the customers worthwhile by other locking features until you fill out a form. When doing this you have said that you are ok with this company having this information for a sale or feature.The key there being the company not other companies for me this is unethically so wrong for a company to do.

Unethical Tracking

The worst example of unethical tracking is phone companies and it has the biggest impact on citizens. Since phones were sold and yellow-pages were made telemarketing has exploded into annoying more and more customers every year. While this seems to be just annoying telemarketing has gone from selling products to what seems to be now just scamming people by gaining trust with their personal information. I’ve received calls telling me the make model and color of my car from scammers talking about some warranty. The main reason for this is your information isn’t a physical property which means a company can sell it to whoever and how many times they want. This makes it very easy for a company to pull your name from a car company and phone number from Verizon and now they have made a believable argument for a scam. Maybe they don’t get a sale or it doesn’t work no problem for them they just sell the information on again and still make money. Information is like a tweet it costs nothing to share and only anything to gain from it.

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