Ethical Tracking

How to Use Ethical Tracking

If a company asks you for information and you enter it they now have the right to that information. This is because they aren’t allowed to track personal information and usually you give them it. That is where their permission with this stops though. I think its fair game for companies to make personalized profiles of their customers as most likely they had to buy the information. Most big companies don’t buy data from other companies rather they make it worth the customers worthwhile by other locking features until you fill out a form. When doing this you have said that you are ok with this company having this information for a sale or feature.The key there being the company not other companies for me this is unethically so wrong for a company to do.

Unethical Tracking

The worst example of unethical tracking is phone companies and it has the biggest impact on citizens. Since phones were sold and yellow-pages were made telemarketing has exploded into annoying more and more customers every year. While this seems to be just annoying telemarketing has gone from selling products to what seems to be now just scamming people by gaining trust with their personal information. I’ve received calls telling me the make model and color of my car from scammers talking about some warranty. The main reason for this is your information isn’t a physical property which means a company can sell it to whoever and how many times they want. This makes it very easy for a company to pull your name from a car company and phone number from Verizon and now they have made a believable argument for a scam. Maybe they don’t get a sale or it doesn’t work no problem for them they just sell the information on again and still make money. Information is like a tweet it costs nothing to share and only anything to gain from it.


Proactive vs Defensive

The Main Difference Between Being Proactive or Defensive

The biggest difference between whether your company is being proactive or defensive is who responds first. If the company seems to respond before the topic gains too much traction or seems unheard of then it is proactive. However if the company only seems to release a statement after they generate a lot of heat on the issue then it becomes defensive. Both strategies have their own advantages and disadvantages while proactive has a more moderate effect being defensive can either have really good effects or really poor effects.

Being Proactive

When the issue seems to very serious that is when being proactive is the better approach as you want to be the first to respond. The proactive approach is all about mitigating damage before it can do too much. It’s also good to know that you don’t have to have a problem to be proactive. One example is Brooks Brothers, when you visit their store and give them certain information they will reach out to you and ask about your experience.

Being Defensive

There are also times in which being defensive is the smart approach. Often these are times when there are either faulty accusations or when you are not sure how much they know. This is because if something comes out and you decide to have a press release about it and end up revealing more than they actually know it will be a lot worse for your company. This can also be done outside of litigations or potential lawsuits. Examples of this would be Verizon or warranty companies where if you have an issue they’re not going to be pro-active about it rather make you do all the work with your problem which would be them being defensive.


Authentic Advertising

How dbrand uses authentic advertising by being blunt?

A relatively small company known for their easy to apply skis for devices such as phones, laptops, and consoles. They choose to embrace their reputation and how the product they sell appears to consumers. They’ll put out advertisements saying the customer should waste their money on them or them selling masks to monetize your face. These would normally offend most customers but fo dbrand they know their consumers and to them this is authentic advertising. From my perspective it works as well when I see the ads I get a kick out of how blunt they are about their products.

Dbrand Authentic Advertising

Why is being Authentic Important for social media?

For most companies its hard to be on social media while also feeling completely transparent to their consumers. For this reason a lot of time you have companies often putting on a fake face on social media or rarely posting anything besides advertisements. This is why having authentic advertising can be important as to not lose your consumers because “you’ve changed”. This is especially the same for bigger companies where they start to lose customer loyalty. As their ads become more and more about the product rather than the customer. The strongest voice for change right now uses social media as a megaphone due to how loud it can be. There just is no limit to how much love or hate social media can generate. The worst part being that there are no rules and its up to people to decide your fate. As the climate of what is right and wrong only gets more confusing it is why to build some brand loyalty. That way you’re not the next company with a target on its back.


DiGiorno Ad month impression boom

Efficient DiGiorno Ad

On October of last year DiGiorno frozen pizza made a campaign with an impression coverage of 55.3 million impressions for the cost of 1,100 pizzas. This means for every pizza they delivered 50,000 saw their ad tweet or hashtag. Taking it even further the average pizza costs $5.50 meaning they spent $5.50 for 50,000 impressions which is just mind blowing efficient. Those aren’t wasted impressions either because the people tweeting are obviously interested in your pizza if they want it meaning you have created stronger leads for person to person and overall demographics in a city.

Digiorno ad

Their goals

Their goals for this DiGiorno ad was just impressions and spreading their product. Clearly this was an amazing campaign and its because of the type that it is. Everyone loves a free giveaway but often people don’t submit because maybe theres something you have to fill out or the prize is too big for tax purposes. The best part about DiGiorno’s giveaway is its ease of entry and how enticing it is for a consumer. DiGiorno isn’t revered for their pizza but for most Americans nobody is going to say no to a free pizza and combine this with typing a few words and you can expect huge results. The only question is what’s next i personally think just do it again. It clearly was a hit so just try it again there is no way to get bad press for a giveaway unless you don’t follow through and even if its half as sucessful its still an amazing campaign again.

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Email Advertising and its Purpose

Why Collect Customer Emails?

As the years go on must companies have accounts for their customers and multiple ways they can spread information. This often brings up the question of why even bother sending out email advertisements and are they worth it. The simple answer is yes although most high end companies like Apple or big purchases like car companies wont send you emails. This has more to do with their business approach rather than whether email advertising is worth it for them. For example Apple has a certain level of prestige where they prefer you to come to them and rather the opposite which is why you’ll rarely see them using low level advertising like emails. On the other hand Amazon wouldn’t miss a chance to send you an email about a product, for them email advertising is pretty perfect.

One email received

Is Email Advertising dead?

For me email as a communication service besides business is dead replaced by texting and social media sites like Facebook. That isn’t even a real problem for email advertising as all companies need is for you to check your email. It’s like seeing advertisements on a website, they don’t include a form for messaging on them because all they need you to do is visit the site and see their advertisement then the rest is entirely in your hands. I also then think its fair to say that if you live in a first world country and are over the age of 10, you have an email. A company would be dumb to just ignore this massive market. This is due to circumstances as schools having their own email domain and I had one made in 4th grade. Business people are checking their emails about 10 times or more a day and for you it costs virtually nothing to send emails you only have the expense of how you acquired them. Email isn’t dead it has just changed due to other options being better for friendly communication and email being seen as a more business appropriate way of communicating.

For more information on email advertising click below:,opt%2Din%20before%20sending%20emails.

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Why I Use Ad Block

Avoid Spending Wasteful Money

Every time you search Google fills your eyes with ads hoping you’ll make a purchase. No matter where you go Google will have an ad for you the most prevalent being websites that are text heavy and have glowing and moving ads in the corners. The important thing to note is advertisers spend thousands and even millions depending on the advertisement to get you to purchase. Keeping this in mind simply saying “I won’t fall for their ads” is something they’ve learned to overcome where the ad block comes in to play. This alone has saved me many times from wasteful purchases.

Saving Your Time

The other type of ad to get you is clickbait titles or stories that sound way too believable. Usually relating to famous people or how you can save money that sounds too good to be true. You see them all the time at the bottom of articles in order to keep you on their website and generate more ad revenue. The peace of not seeing these at the bottom of my screen is very relieving

The Negatives

As with everything in life with the good comes the bad. Using Adblock on certain creator or user driven websites like Youtube can usually effect their revenue as most of it comes from ads. Adblock is also the biggest pain when trying to do anything with Google, as sites like Tag Manager or Google Ads don’t work meaning you’ll have to turn it off for those sites or when trying to do anything related with them.


How Much to Spend on Ads

Worthwhile Ads

You don’t have to spend the most on ads to beat the competition. It’s all about the quality of the ad and making sure you’re reaching your target market. This is especially important in saving money as well or maximizing ROI as one ad that converts to a purchase has the same value as 100 ads that convert to one purchase. If you can output high quality advertisements with really good conversion rates you can easily beat the competition that isn’t doing the same but spending more money.

Target Market Ads

Making sure your ads go to your target market in relation to your product or service is vital to making sure you aren’t wasting capital on ads. Companies are even starting to have their company relate to their target market. For example Manscaped, I see hundreds of their ads a month with their main product being shaving supplies for men. Strategies like this is how smaller companies are trying to compete with bigger companies. Not hitting your target market is like trying to carpenter supplies to a painter they have no interest in purchasing and will likely not sell very well compared to a carpenter.

Reality of Perfect Ads

The reality is a perfect ad can only get you so far. This becomes clear especially in a crowded market as you run into variables like brand loyalty or the price of competitors. A person can watch your add and really enjoy it but still not make a purchase because maybe your product is too expensive compared to competitors. You don’t have to spend the most on ads to beat the competition, but if you don’t put out smart ads you will stand no chance.


Samsung Helps Small Business and Their Importance

Small Business, The Backbone of the economy

While larger companies have a massive presence it is important to help the local shops who provide services. These small business provide customer care and a close connection that for most large companies like Samsung is just impossible to match. Without small business shopping at large retail stores would start to feel mundane and there would be no variety in shopping. They’re a breath of fresh air to the consumers who want a more personal connection or feeling when they shop. Samsung thinks they deserve help staying alive due to the great service they provide.

How Samsung’s Helping Small Business

Samsung plans to offer affordable deals with tablets and laptops in order to help small business adapt to this time where technology is becoming more and more important. With shops becoming less able to provide as much space or with customers having no desire to go outside an online presence is crucial during this time as well as better and safer credit card options. During the epidemic small businesses have taken a hard hit as they rely on constant income to stay afloat and often keep little cash on hand in case this happens.

Using Samsung Products in Small Business

With our laptops you are able to create websites with ease and no frustrating loading times. Using these and having them easily on the go from work to home makes it easier to bring work home with you during these times. Our tablets offer even more on the go capability and in store use. Using Samsung tablets as a way to help customers pay can reduce the sharing of touching credit cards and help your business stay safer.

Samsung Laptop Deal

How to Get Your SEO at the Top Level

Odds Stacked Against You In SEO

If you’re just starting out in the SEO world you have a mountain of a work to get started on. The main issue is just presence bigger companies who share the same product as you get hundreds of thousands of clicks and views which only helps to increase their search results. This is your biggest obstacle because most likely you can’t compare with following or just pure advertising expenses.

Over Coming the Odds

While it does seem like an impossible task there are ways to climb to the top but unless you are in a fairly unsaturated market there is virtually no way to be first in Google’s search results. Your best bet is being different this involves making very specific keywords about your product. For example some big company may sell dressers and so do you but maybe you put your keywords as “red dresser” to be more specific. Another huge factor is making sure your website is functional for mobile devices. This is because Google made it so sites that are optimized for mobile. are higher in their search algorithm.

The End Result

After doing all the optimization and keywords possible there is still the major looming factor when advertising. That being capital, one of the largest expenses for most companies is advertising. So unless you can muster up the millions of dollars other companies shell out on top spots on Google or spots on websites odds are your position in the search pages won’t be too favorable. The best way to increase your search priority besides money and following is to be innovative and jumping on trends first. The world of SEO is constantly evolving and changing constantly requiring more and more knowledge while also rewarding you heavily for learning it.


Function Over Form

In the digital age websites become more and more complex looking better and more polished while also being able to accomplish things that were unheard of before. It is up to the company where they decide to spend their money and when it comes to what the user mostly desires function tends to be more important.

The reasoning behind this is from the majority of the people who visit your site the most they will complain about is something wrong with how it works not how it looks. The main complaint about looks will usually come from inside the company and while their input is sometimes important they aren’t the ones buying products or services.

Form is something that comes after function, with that being said though making a page looking pleasing is very important and can serve as a function as well. With buttons contrasting the main page they can often lure the customers eyes towards them making them more likely to click on them and notice them more often.