Ethical Tracking

How to Use Ethical Tracking If a company asks you for information and you enter it they now have the right to that information. This is because they aren’t allowed to track personal information and usually you give them it. That is where their permission with this stops though. I think its fair game for […]

Proactive vs Defensive

The Main Difference Between Being Proactive or Defensive The biggest difference between whether your company is being proactive or defensive is who responds first. If the company seems to respond before the topic gains too much traction or seems unheard of then it is proactive. However if the company only seems to release a statement […]

Authentic Advertising

How dbrand uses authentic advertising by being blunt? A relatively small company known for their easy to apply skis for devices such as phones, laptops, and consoles. They choose to embrace their reputation and how the product they sell appears to consumers. They’ll put out advertisements saying the customer should waste their money on them […]