Brands Should Continue To Self Promote

Why Brands Should Promote

There are many reasons that Big Brands should continue to self promote but they need to ensure they are going about it correctly. It is important to have your customers know what your values are as a brand. This is very important for not only continued customers but especially new ones as people like to support a brand if there values match. If a brand continues to be authentic and don’t overdue it on posts typically it is good to get their message out. The main purpose of creating this fanbase of customers is ultimately to generate more sales for the brand.

Why Brands Have to be Careful

When it comes to social media, nothing is sacred and the possibility that something could go terribly wrong is real. Brands need to be especially careful when trying to promote values due to current events. The audience can typically tell when a brand may be trying to advantage of the situation when other brands are actually doing something to help. If a brand is going to get behind a cause they need to show and really show their support behind it.

Example of Brand Supporting a Current Event

Uber (Eats) came out with a great idea to get behind the BLM movement. In order to prove they were trying to help they gave an incentive for people to order from Black-Owned Restaurants. Uber actively doing things to show what they support is a great way to get a following behind you. As this raised many sales for Black-owned restaurants it also gave Uber better credibility when it comes to social good. Giving no delivery fee allowed for more people to be willing to buy off of the app. Allowing the Black-owned restaurants to have more awareness as well as Uber.

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