Form vs. Function

When creating an effective website, there is a lot to think about when it comes to maximizing the number of conversions from visitors. One of the largest decisions a web designer must make is to focus more on the way that the site looks, or to instead make the website easily navigable and understandable. Creating a website with a really interesting and uncommon design can help show the user the unique perspective and value that the business is able to bring to the table. The problem with going too far away from a traditional website layout is that it becomes a lot more confusing and can alienate some potential customers, and lower the conversion rate as a result. On the other hand, having a website that is too formulaic or bare-bones can make the visitor think that the company is common and doesn’t have much to offer over its competition.

So what is truly more important, form or function? I believe that, as with most things, the answer lies somewhere in between these two extremes. An effective website will have its own unique style, but its information is still readily available and easily accessible. To maximize conversions a website should follow some website conventions so the user has some familiarity, even if it is their first time visiting the site. The company should then try to look at the brand it has created, and use that as a framework to make their website easily recognizable as uniquely their own.

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