Form vs. Function

When creating a website or a landing page there is a lot to consider such as the information you need to provide or the visuals. These visuals and layout of the website would be the form. The function would be how well the website works. Both form and function are necessary for successful websites and conversions. However, function would not matter as much without form. These visuals grab the attention of the consumers, the first step in getting conversions. Visuals/the websites form are able to not only grab the attention but also direct people to where they should go and which aspects of the website are most important. Because of this, form is able to enhance the function of the website with simple visual aspects such as placement or layout.

So what do the consumers really value? I think they value a combination of both form and function. They value the look of a website as it is what will grab their attention. They also value clarity and trust. They want to know exactly where to go or what to do and want to get what they are promised. It is important for the website designer therefore to provide this through both form and function. At the end of the day it is important to test if both the form and function are working through tests such as A/B tests and do your best to perfect both.

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