Geico’s Ad Campaign

15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance

Geico is one of the nations leaders in car insurance, competing with other popular companies such as All State and State Farm. Geico has many different mascots to represent the company in their ads such as the caveman, Pinocchio, woodchucks and more, but none as popular as their poster-child the Geico gecko; a small green gecko that is in most of their commercials. Geico uses humor and simplicity in their ads to attract their costumers in their ad campaign. At the end of every Ad, it ends by saying their famous slogan “with Geico 15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance. This Ad campaign has been successful for many years as it has been running commercials since I can remember and most people will be able to tell you Geicos slogan.

How to collect this campaign data

Geico can collect campaign data in many different ways. With the help of Google analytics, they can track their ads by how many people type in their URL, click on their site through google and how many people click on their ad through a link and where that link was. This helps the ad trackers get an idea of what ads are successful and on what engine it is working. For example, say Geico realizes their goofy ads are not gaining attention on Facebook due to an older audience they may realize the younger generations are using twitter and may implement their ads on that site instead based on the information gained from google analytics on their ad campaigns. These ad campaigns automatically track your key words as well once set up. some key words that would be useful for Geico to track would be Geico, Gecko, savings, 15% or more and any other words you would affiliate with Geico.

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