Nike Custom Campaign

“Just Do It”

Nike is one of the most well known brands all throughout the world. They are one of the leaders in the sports apparel and sneaker market, while competing with Adidas and Under Armour. Nike’s logo is the well known “swish”, which is generally known by everyone when it is seen. Nike is one of the most recognizable brands in the world. But this is not how Nike likes to show themselves as. Their trademarked, well known slogan is, “Just do it”. This slogan is known by athletes and people from all over the world. Although their logo is already well known, this slogan sets them apart form their competitors, in a very competitive field. Below is an article that talks about how the slogan came about, and how it has turned into a worldwide success.

Multiple Channel Campaigns

In recent years, Nike has campaigned themselves among multiple different things. One of their more popular campaigns has been the ” Dream Big” campaign surrounding Collin Kaepernick. This campaign targeted a very specific market based on the Kaepernick story. Many people don’t like Kaepernick for his political beliefs, and boycotted Nike because of this. Although there were boycotts, this campaign was considered a success by Nike, has it had a huge push from its targeted market. Nike knew what they were doing with this campaign. They knew Kaepernick has been in the news for multiple years now, and how bringing them together with him could be beneficial. This ad was huge for Nike, and it helped lead to a Kaepernick modeled shoe selling out. If you search Nike on YouTube, one of the first things shown is this ad campaign. Nike had to separate themselves from competitors, and did so with this campaign.

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