Google Search Console, New Vs Old?

Jon Dretto January 24th

Legacy tools comparison

Google search console is a great way to see your website’s performance and check in on the site’s information to better understand what is going on with the usage of the site. Dash these tools display the website health, you URL/HTML codes, Security information and many more statistics. These tools make it easy for a young or old person today to know what is going on with their website, quick and easy.

What does all this mean? Why should we care?

These tools let the person running the page have a clear understanding of what is going on behind closed doors. when an error pops up, it can be cu\onfusing, but this helps the user know exactly what is going on, and how to fix it. The new Platform is much more efficient, only needing about 6 hours to process, vs the old one needing 3 days. it is a clear winner in this battle.

Sites used

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