The Importance of Site Tagging and The Value It Can Bring To Your Business

Have you ever wanted to get deeper insights on your site or mobile app data beyond the basics like page views or bounce rate? Well, you have come to the right place! In this blog, I will explore the value of site tagging and the various insights that it can bring you.

How Can Tag Manager Help Me Track Activity On My Site?

As you may already know, understanding user behavior is key to running a successful organization. So you may wonder, “how do I get those deep user behavior insights?” Well, that’s where Google Tag Manager comes in. With Tag Manager, you are able to set different triggers and variables on, for example, your website so that you can not only get a better understanding of one action that a person on your site is performing but the multiple activities that they may be engaging in on your site. Not only can you track the action of one person, but also multiple people, and at the same time too!

Building A Story With Your Data

From all of the insights that you are able to collect on your site about users’ behaviors’, you are able to build a story with that data. Data stories can be powerful as they can help you see the full picture of the actions that are both being taken and not taken on your site. These data stories are helpful in achieving your individual or organizational goals because they can help highlight areas that may need improvement on your site.

For example, let’s say that you work for a dance apparel company, and they have a blog on their site. Then the owner comes to you, angry, telling you that the placement of the blog on the site is horrible because nobody is reading their blogs or engaging with them. Is what they are saying correct? Well, let’s see what our site tags have to say. Site tagging can help you explain to the owner what is truly going on, which may prove their instinct wrong. For example, the site tags might show that people are indeed scrolling down to the location of the blog on the site, and are even opening up individual blogs, but maybe only scrolling down to one-fourth of a blog, which you can track using a tag! With the story that you were able to create using the data that was collected on your site, you can let the owner know that there is a bigger issue with the blog, beyond its placement on the site. Also, this can help steer financial resources in the right direction, as the owner does not need to pay extra money to put the blog in a different location on the site. Instead, they can focus on other factors as to why people are not fully reading their blogs, which may identify that their content is not interesting.

Overall, site tagging is very valuable as it can provide its users with great insights on what actions are being taken on their site to help accomplish individual/organization goals by identifying areas of success, as well as areas that need improvement. The cool thing about Tag Manager is that you can track user activity across multiple domains to get even more insight on their user experience!

Additional Resources:

Check out the video above to get more insight into the more technical side of Tag Manager and how it can help you achieve your goals. Making sure that you implement tags on your site correctly is very important as it will bring you the best and most up-to-date insights!

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